Does Tongkat Ali Raise Blood Pressure?

Does Tongkat Ali Raise Blood Pressure?

The herbal treatment and use of Tongkat Ali has been used for some time in traditional Southeast Asian medicine. It is often used for several ailments including bacterial infections, low testosterone, and fever, but does Tongkat Ali raise blood pressure?

There is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that Tongkat Ali may modulate blood pressure, however, scientific studies are limited in the area. Studies have suggested tongkat ali can improve male fertility, decrease stress, and improve body composition. This article will discuss the benefits of tongkat ali on blood pressure, other potential benefits, and the risks or side effects possible from excessive consumption.

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Intro to Tongkat Ali

The medicinal plant known as Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) is native to Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Borneo, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Also called the Long Jack, tongkat ali contains phytoandrogens that are comparable in effects to those of testosterone.

It has a number of other health benefits, and is becoming increasingly popular to be used in male enhancement products. Tongkat Ali also contains other significant bioactive compounds such as alkaloids, flavonoids, and antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that counteract the detrimental effects of free radicals and provide a variety of health-promoting properties. These include, among others, relieving stress and migraines, promoting weight loss, soothing digestive discomfort, and protecting against infections and fevers. Generally, Tonkkali is taken as a supplement, either as pills that contain extracts from the plant, or as herbal drinks.

Does Tongkat Ali Raise Blood Pressure?

No, Tongkat Ali does not raise blood pressure, studies have shown that it actually decreases blood pressure by causing relaxation of the aortic rings. Tongkat Ali is considered to be an adaptogen, with potential for stress relief and anxiety relief. It is also said to have the capacity to dilate the blood vessels, in turn, decreasing blood pressure.

How Does Tongkat Lower Blood Pressure?

Hypertension is considered as high blood pressure that is greater than 140/90 milligrams of mercury, affecting millions around the world.

According to one estimate, it is estimated that the prevalence of it will rise between 972 million to 2000 over the next two or three years.

Renin-angiotensin systems are critical for regulating blood pressure, because the angiotensin-converting enzymes turn angiotensin L into angiotensin W, which increases blood pressure. Furthermore, the enzyme, also known as kininase, lowers blood pressure, encouraging vasodilation, natriuresis, and diuresis. Tongkat Ali extract can have an antihypertensive effect, reducing blood pressure through increased aortic loop relaxation.

A study was conducted to assess the effects of Eurycoma longifolia on blood pressure. The results concluded that the ethanolic root extracts from this plant, in various fractions, promoted the aortas relaxation and reduced the tightness caused by angiotensin L and V. We found that this is the first study conducted at University of Malaya Medical Faculty, which examined the effect on the level of blood pressure by tongkat Ali. This 2016 study, published in BioMed Research International, showed that Tongkat Ali promoted the widening of blood vessels, lowering the blood pressure.

However, to further confirm these findings, further clinical trials should be conducted with larger sample sizes. According to another study conducted in Malaysia, which was designed to assess the effects of Tongkat Ali on blood pressure. The study found that the plant contains certain bioactive compounds, and concluded that this sub-fraction could be developed as an antihypertensive drug, which could maintain or enhance the erectile function in patients suffering from high blood pressure.

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