Does Tongkat Ali Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Does Tongkat Ali Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Tongkat Ali provides solid science to suggest it benefits health in a number of ways, and its testosterone-inducing ingredients like Eurycomanone and Quassinaoid, which have a positive effect on sexual libido, are one of the main reasons Tongkat is so powerful. Current scientific evidence suggests that the Tongkat Ali root extract can clinically affect erectile function, but just how effective is Tongkat Ali at improving symptoms of ED, sperm motility, sperm concentration, or even general sexual satisfaction?

Can Tongkat Ali Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

No, Tongkat Ali does not cause erectile dysfunction. In fact, Tongkat Ali has been shown to lessen the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. There are hundreds of studies about the efficacy of Tongkat Ali for treating symptoms of erectile dysfunction, but in this article, we will highlight the best, most current clinical trials.

An independent study by Santa Catarina University, Brazil, published in 2021, showed that daily consumption of 200 mg Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) improved ED, sexual satisfaction, desire, and testosterone levels in a group comprising 45 men for a 6-month period. The study was conducted in a placebo-controlled setting, where test subjects were divided into four groups, G1,G2,G3 and G4. These groups were observed over 1 month, 4 month, and 6 month periods. The groups that consumed Tongkat Ali along with participating in regular exercise. The group that did this showed remarkable improvements in their symptoms of ED and also experienced increase in testosterone levels.

The rise of the price of Tongkat Ali over the past decade has been driven in large part by increased consumer trust, positioning Tongkat Ali as a proven, safer alternative to more dangerous or prescription level ED medical drugs. While other are medical drugs for treating and curing ED, Tongkat Ali is a plant-based supplement which can be consumed on a daily basis, and it shows powerful properties which may enhance symptoms related to ED. And because Tongkat Ali can be consumed for long periods of time with no negative effects to the health, it could be a sustainable solution for those looking for ways to improve their male health, sexual performance, and ED.

A 6 month study conducted in 2021 by researchers at University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, showed that the consumption of Tongkat Ali on a daily basis, along with a 60-minute workout three times per week, led to the greatest improvements in ED, sexual satisfaction, and desire. Past randomized clinical trials have shown that Tongkat Ali can improve the ED in men with androgen deficiency aging men (ADAM), achieving higher scores on IIEF overall Erectile function (p0.001), 14% increase in sexual desire, 44.4% increase in semen motility, and 18.2% increase in semen volume after 12 weeks of therapy. Medical professional Dr. Rena Malik, urologist from University of Maryland Medical Center, USA, confirmed Tongkat Ali can lead to improved ED according to the published results from the scientific studies. Most of the clinical trials of Tongkat Ali from 2010-2020 showed the properties of an aphrodisiac enhancement and improved sexual performance, which is safe for adults to consume.

For healthy adults (or if you are suffering from Androgen Deficiency), Tongkat Ali really does get the job done. The impact of Tongkat Ali on ED is measured using the Erection Hardness Scale (EHS); it is a four-point scale used to evaluate Erectile Dysfunction (ED) by many health professionals, so it provides a reliable measure of erections.

Tongkat Ali showed improvement of the erection toughness score from 2.54 to a score of 3.54 (out of a maximum score of 4.0) after 12 weeks of consumption of Tongkat Ali. This represents a 39% increase at 12 weeks.

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