Best Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplement of 2023

Looking for an all-natural way to boost your immune system? Check out our list of best turkey tail mushroom supplements!

First, here is a look at our top picks for best turkey tail mushroom supplements:

Real Mushrooms Turkey Tail Mushroom CapsulesFreshCap Turkey Tail CapsulesDouble Wood Supplements
real mushrooms turkey tail bottle freshcap turkey tail bottle double wood turkey tail bottle
90 capsules
2 per serving (1,000mg)
45 servings
120 capsules
2 per serving (1,000mg)
60 servings
120 capsules
2 per serving (1,000mg)
60 servings
OrganicOrganicNot Organic
Beta Glucan levels >30%Beta Glucan levels 35%Beta Glucan levels unknown
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These supplements are made from the fruiting body of a turkey tail mushroom, and are known for their powerful immune-boosting properties. They can help fight off infection, improve your overall health, and even help reverse some symptoms of cancer. Plus, they’re typically cost effective and have few side effects. Keep reading to learn more about turkey tail mushroom supplements!

What are turkey tail mushroom supplements?

Turkey tail mushroom supplements are made from the fruiting body of a turkey tail mushroom. This mushroom is found all over the world, and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. The active ingredients in turkey tail mushrooms are thought to boost the immune system and fight off infection. Turkey tail is considered one of the best mushroom supplements you can buy.

What are the benefits of turkey tail mushroom supplements?

There are many potential benefits of taking turkey tail mushroom supplements with minimal side effects. Some of the most notable include:

– Boosting the immune system

– Fighting infection

– Improving overall health

– Reversing symptoms of cancer

Our Favorite Turkey Tail Supplements

Real Mushrooms Turkey Tail Extract Capsules

You can feel confident knowing that Real Mushrooms uses only organic turkey tail mushrooms grown on 100% certified organic whole foods – no fillers or additives! Using a special process called “hot water extraction” to extract all of the active ingredients from these precious fungi so you get more benefits than ever before! The capsules are made without any binders or excipients so there’s nothing extra added into them – just pure turkey tail goodness! And we never use anything artificial like colors or flavors either – everything about our product is natural down to every last detail!


  • Made with certified organic mushrooms
  • hot water extracted from 100% turkey tail
  • No additives


  • Higher price point(you get what you pay for)
  • does not contain a blend or any additional mushrooms for added benefits


  • 1000mg turkey tail mushroom (2 capsules with 45 servings per bottle)
  • >30% beta glucans

image with check price

FreshCap Turkey Tail Capsules

When it comes to the best mushroom supplements, turkey tail capsules are often considered some of the top contenders. This is because turkey tails are a great source of antioxidants and polysaccharides, which can help boost your immune system. Additionally, they’re also a good source of zinc and selenium – minerals that are essential for optimal health.


  • High beta glucan levels at 35%
  • Contains fruiting body
  • Organic and Non-GMO


  • No mycelial contents


  • 1,000mg of organic turkey tail mushrooms (2 capsules at 60 servings per bottle)

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Double Wood Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplement

The turkey tail mushroom (Trametes versicolor), which has a distinctive and colorful appearance and is native to forests all over the world, has a long history of being used as a medicinal tea. Take advantage of the power of this all natural and traditional fungi in Double Wood’s amazing product.


  • Support immune system health
  • Aids in digestion
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Made in the USA
  • Organic
  • Great price!


  • May have some fillers


  • 1,000mg of organic turkey tail mycelium (2 capsule servings with 60 servings per bottle)
  • 120x500mg capsules

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand of turkey tail mushroom is best?

There are many different brands of turkey tail mushroom supplements on the market, so which one is best?

One way to decide is by price. The cheapest brand may not be the best quality, but it’s a good place to start.

Another factor to consider is freshness. Make sure you buy mushrooms that are still in their packaging and have been refrigerated.

Third, read the label to see what ingredients are in the supplement. Some brands use fillers like rice or wheat flour, which can reduce the effectiveness of the mushroom.

Finally, decide which brand you feel most comfortable with. Trust your intuition – if a brand feels shady or spammy, it may be the case. We feel comfortable supporting the list of brands that we have outlined in this article.

What is the best way to take turkey tail mushroom?

One of the great things about turkey tail, and a lot of different functional fungi are that they are easily accessible in so many different forms. We pointed out a few of our favorit capsule products, but you can find turkey tail mushroom powder, tincture/liquid, and even in tea form. There are even companies that are starting to make gummy products as well. You can learn more about where to buy turkey tail mushroom from our article in the link.

Can you take too much turkey tail mushroom?

It’s almost impossible to take too much turkey tail mushroom. As long as you follow the dosage instructions on any product that you are using, you will stay well within the safe limits of consumption of turkey tail mushroom.

How long does it take for turkey tail mushroom to work?

You’ll start experiencing the benefits of turkey tail mushroom right away. Although the great thing about turkey tail mushroom benefits is that they also compound over time as your body is able to use the beneficial compounds found in turkey tail over a long period of time.

You’ll always want to be sure that if you’re looking to use turkey tail as a part of a medical treatment that you consult your doctor first as this is by no means meant to be taken as medical advice.

Does turkey tail mushroom make you high?

Turkey tail will not make you high. It does not contain any psychoactive compounds or any substance that would make you “trip” or experience anything similar to a psychedelic substance.

In Conclusion

Turkey tail mushrooms are a unique kind of fungus with immune-stimulating capabilities that have been studied extensively. The value of the mushroom’s parts in terms of health effects is a matter of ongoing debate, but the fact is that all components provide unique advantages.

Whether you choose any of the options on our list, there is one thing you can count on, and it’s that taking the best turkey tail mushroom supplements gives you a plethora of research-backed health benefits.

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