Turkey Tail Mushroom and Weight Loss

Turkey Tail Mushroom and Weight Loss

Is Turkey Tail Good for Weight Loss?

Yes, turkey tail mushroom is good for weight loss. Turkey tail mushrooms have been shown to contain probiotics that may improve the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut and digestive system. This can help treat leaky gut syndrome, as well as help with weight loss.

How Gut Health Impacts Weight Loss

If you have the feeling that something is holding you back from losing the amount of weight that you want, you may have a point. Researchers found the gut microbiome, the bacteria that help digest food and absorb nutrients in your gut, may affect your weight loss abilities. They identified genes within those bacteria that dictate how fast bacteria grow, how much individuals are able to use nutrients from foods, and whether starch and fiber, in particular, are broken down into sugars too quickly to aid in weight loss.

Some people struggle more with weight loss than others. For instance, some people are able to manage weight with simple lifestyle interventions, whereas others might not. In addition, it is hard to predict who will respond to changes in diet or exercise, and who might need more intensive strategies.

A study published online Sept. 14 in the journal MSystems, an American Society of Microbiology journal, may get us closer to the answer. They identified specific genetic signatures in the gut microbiome that were predictive of response to weight loss in a small group of patients following a health-living intervention. Differences in 31 functional genes emerged in the gut microbiome between the 48 individuals who lost 1 percent or more weight per month, and the other 57 who maintained the same weight. Researchers analyzed stool samples taken between six and 12 months after individuals started commercial weight-loss coaching programs. The research is consistent with prior studies showing that the types of bacteria that populate your gut microbiome may influence whether or not weight loss interventions succeed, but they took the study one step further by looking at how it works.

They knew the gut microbiome plays a major role in weight control, and that it could also affect responses to weight loss interventions. However, the specific intestinal microbiome characteristics that may account for this observation more fully are yet to be discovered.

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