Turkey Tail Mushroom and Diabetes

Turkey Tail Mushroom and Diabetes

Diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is a chronic autoimmune disorder that impacts the ability of your body to convert food, specifically carbohydrates and sugar, into energy. A healthy body breaks carbohydrates into sugars and releases these sugars into the bloodstream. Then, the pancreas releases insulin, a peptide hormone, which allows your cells to take in sugars and use them for energy.

People with diabetes either do not make enough (or no) insulin, or they have difficulty using the insulin correctly, depending on their diabetes type. Patients with type 1 don’t make any (or any) insulin, and patients with type 2 make some, but the body cannot use them well (they become insulin resistant). So the sugar cannot enter the cells and give energy to the body.

Traditional Treatment Options for Diabetes

People living with diabetes must monitor their diets and use diabetes medications to manage the disease. A diabetics diet is low-carb (avoiding foods that are high on the glycemic index is essential) and low-calorie, because weight gain aggravates symptoms of diabetes.

Diabetes treatment also includes continuous glucose monitoring and insulin shots. Some diabetes patients choose to use an insulin pump, which is a device that monitors your blood glucose levels and pumps insulin into your body when it is needed.

Is Turkey Tail Mushroom Good for Diabetes?

Yes, turkey tail mushroom has been shown to be good for diabetes in studies conducted with rats, although more human trials are needed to be absolutely sure. What we can conclude from this, and this study on rats, is that turkey tail mushroom may significantly reduce blood sugar levels and improve insulin resistance.

Although one thing to be careful of is that if you are already taking diabetic medications that you will want to consult with your doctor before adding turkey tail mushroom to your diet. There is a chance that your blood sugar could drop dangerously low if you combine turkey tail with prescription medications.

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