Reishi Mushroom Vs Turkey Tail Mushroom | Is One Better Than The Other?

Reishi Mushroom Vs Turkey Tail Mushroom | Is One Better Than The Other?

Mushrooms are an intriguing subset of the fungi kingdom. While over 10,000 species have been identified, there are thought to be many more species still undiscovered.

These fungi can be classified either based on their physical structures, or on the location and manner of growth. They are sometimes classified also according to their applications in agriculture, industry, food preparation, medicine, and other fields. Functional mushrooms are a specific category.

Long respected for their applications in traditional medicine, they are also a topic of contemporary medical studies. Two species, in particular, are turning heads with their supporting effects on health. Reishi vs Turkey Tail, by comparing their similarities and differences, you can decide which of these amazing mushroom species is best for you.

Reishi Mushroom Vs Turkey Tail

We dive more into each mushroom below, but here are a few direct comparisons between the two. Turkey tail mushroom has a higher amount of beta-glucans than reishi, which are the carbohydrate that is providing many of the desired health benefits. Reishi is well known for it’s stress and anxiety relief benefit while turkey tail is more know for it’s benefits to your immune system and not so much the mental health specific benefits.

In all honesty, there is not an major difference that would make you want to choose one over the other, but if budget really is an issue, I’d choose reishi over turkey tail simply because reishi offers both the mental health and physical health benefits.

Although the best case would be to add both mushrooms to your daily regimen to get the maximum amount of benefits. Both of these mushrooms are fairly inexpensive compared to other functional mushrooms, so it’s worth investing in both. You can learn more about the best reishi supplements and best turkey tail supplements on their respective pages on our site.


Reishi Mushroom Medicinal Benefits: Sleep aid and Strong Immune System Support

The polysaccharides present in the Reishi mushrooms are associated with immune functions, and when taken in time, Reishi may substantially support your immune system. It may also support a sound nights rest and calmness of mind, decreases stress and occasional anxiety, may support lungs and respiratory health, and may support a balanced blood sugar. One study showed Reishi could lower the symptoms score on the scale of men who had lower urinary tract symptoms (urination difficulties).

Reishi may safely be used as an adjunct to some cancer medications and diagnoses. Because of its all-around ability to support multiple systems of the body, reishi is called “the King of the Medicine Mushrooms” by herbalists. Reishi, or Ganoderma lingzhi, has a written history dating back to 2,000 years ago in medical texts.

Most famously, Chinese Daoist monks wrote about using it to promote tranquility, and also to strengthen their meditation practices. Chinese royalty used Reishi to promote longevity, and held the “fungus of immortality” in high esteem. Reishi is listed among the most treasured among superior herbs, regarded to maintain long lifespan, maintain healthy aging, increase Qi, and lighten the body . There are six different colors of Reishi mentioned in the historical literature, each of which has its unique benefits.

Turkey Tail Mushroom Medicinal Benefit: Support Healthy Immune System Function

Turkey Tail enhances immune function through stimulating the production of cytokines, increasing the number of natural killer cells, and other immune-boosting functions. The protein-binding polysaccharide (PBP) found in turkey tail has the strongest research-supported immuno-supportive effects. These PBP compounds may boost key types of immune cells, such as T cells, when used on their own or combined with synergistic herbs.

Turkey tail is a safe mushroom for prolonged use within a properly managed health care setting. Turkey Tail mushrooms, or Trametes versicolor, are among the most abundant and locally available mushrooms for many people worldwide. It grows on dead logs all over the world, and got its name because its brown-and-tan rings resemble turkey tail feathers.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Turkey Tail has been used to support digestion, pulmonary health, regulate bodily fluids, and promote vitality. In Japan and China, derivatives of turkey tail have been used for strengthening the immune system. Turkey tail contains some of the highest amounts of beta-glucans among all mushrooms, which may help to maintain the health of our immune systems if used for a long time.

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