Reishi Mushroom and Depression | Can It Help?

Reishi Mushroom and Depression | Can It Help?

Does Reishi Mushroom Help With Depression?

Results may be different for everyone, but studies have shown reishi mushrooms to be beneficial for depression. In a 2013 study that involved mice, it was shown that water-soluble reishi extract had an antidepressant effect. There is also this study using reishi that specifically discusses mood lifting effects as well.

Depression makes the experiences of your life much less pleasant. Personally, I have battled various forms of depression and anxiety my entire life (I am in the non-diagnosed camp) and witnessed friends and family members suffering with depression.

I know when experiencing the depths of these conditions (and undiagnosed ones) they can feel incredibly overwhelming, weighty, and all-encompassing. The shroud of darkness that engulfs us in these moments limits the pathways in our minds that would otherwise allow clear thought, rational thinking, positivity, hopefulness, and good judgment. Reishi helps gently break the thickets of these overwhelming mental obstacles, making them softer and more malleable.

It allows us to sail through storms more easily, and the gradual dilution and dissolution of anxieties allows us to glimpse the larger picture of our inner suffering. Usually, we try to “fill” that space with more work, playing, shopping, e-mailing, or whatever else is masked these feelings and/or removes deafening silence. But with Reishi as our friendly ally, although it does not remove harsh emotions or misery as we ingest it, rather, it helps to open up the mindspace for us to bring forth greater courage and power. And with this added strength, we can voluntarily take a step back, become observers, and analyze our emotions in a more rational way.

Then, we have an opportunity to assess what actions we should be taking to make things better, however small or big. Reishi seems to release a tight hold of choking feelings these mental obstacles may hold over our psychology. Suffering is intrinsically bound up in the human experience. Without suffering, we would be unable to experience joy, nor to experience growth.

But if we decide to embrace suffering, and seek meaning in its aftermath, it is burden significantly lessened. Living in uncertainty and feeling out of control is not always pleasant, but we can help ourselves find direction, peace, and meaning during these times, with some help from a friend we call the Reishi Mushroom. Reishi mushrooms are really some of the most profound, transformational healing herbs that I have had the honor to incorporate into my life. After eating Reishi for years, I am still experiencing profound levels of many of the many health benefits that the incredible mushroom has to offer, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

It has dramatically changed my outlook and the overall direction of my life. I noticed I am a lot more calm and patient when faced with challenges, rather than that tense, overly reacting personality that I used to be. I can honestly say Reishi has profoundly affected my spirit, helping to lead me towards finding my purpose, finding more meaning and fulfillment in my life. Reishi helps lighten up the body, mind, and spirit, and it can make a profound change in someones life.

How Long Does It Take to Feel The Benefits?

While scientifically validating and confirming this type of psychological and physiological changes in individuals is challenging, it is not unusual to hear similar anecdotal stories of transformations from other long-term users of the Reishi mushrooms. For some, the benefits may be felt immediately, while others might see accumulating effects over time. I always recommend taking Reishi for at least 100 days in order to reap all of the emotional, physical, and spiritual health benefits that this incredible tonic has to offer.

Given the current status and climate that the world is facing, if there is any herb that I can recommend for everyone, it is Reishi mushrooms. It might just be one of the most important herbs of our lifetime. For me, it is an herb I will continue taking daily for the rest of my life.

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Updated 10/24/2022

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