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If you’re looking for an all-natural way to improve your health, you should consider using a reishi mushroom tincture. It’s one of the simplest, fastest, and most effective ways to consume reishi mushroom and absorb the most of the beneficial compounds into your body.

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Reishi mushrooms are known for their many health benefits, and tinctures made from these mushrooms are a great way the full plethora of benefits. In this article we’ll discuss what reishi mushroom tinctures are good for, so you’ll feel confident as you continue your search for the best reishi mushroom tinctures.

Reishi Mushroom Extract

Naturally support your overall balance and wellbeing with our powerful, double-distilled reishi fungus tincture. Also known as “Song Shan Ling Zhi,” Reishi (Ganoderma tsugae) is very revered for it is many uses. It has traditionally been used to support everyday stress, aid sleep, reduce fatigue, and balance the function of the immune system. Reishi is also high in triterpenes, which are studied for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Lyfe Cykel’s tincture is made with organic, concentrated mushroom extracts made with 100% of the fruiting and skeletal bodies. Our dual-extraction technique ensures our tinctures contain exponentially more active compounds found in each species. And finished extracts are tested for purity and compound content prior to bottling.

Take 1/3 full, or a full dropperfuls a day, or as needed. You can take it straight from the bottle or add it to tea, coffee, juice, or water. The reishi extract is extracted using the Double Extraction Technique, which involves steeping in alcohol for one month, followed by extraction in hot water, to maximize the extraction of both the alcohol-soluble constituents and water-soluble ones.

Do not consume if you are allergic to mushrooms. While the mushrooms extract is naturally occurring, it is important that you check with your doctor before taking any supplements if you have any medical conditions or are taking any prescription medications.

Reishi may potentially interact with medications prescribed for regulating blood clotting.

Benefits of A Reishi Mushroom Tincture

Reishi’s water-soluble polysaccharides have been shown to boost immune response, especially in relation to cancer cells. Studies show that “The polysaccharides from G. lucidum are believed to trigger an indirect antitumor mechanism in which the host immune system is altered to target the tumor cells.” Specifically, a type of polysaccharide in reishi mushrooms know as beta-glucans “has the ability to induce both innate and adaptive immune responses…triggering a series of molecular pathways…which in turn, activate the host immune response for immune cell proliferation.”

Reishi’s alcohol-soluble triterpenes go a step further. Science has found that alcohol extracts from reishi mushrooms are “the only known source of a particular group of triterpenes, also known as ganoderic acids, which have been found to have direct cancer cell cytotoxicity on a wide variety of cancer cell lines, such as murine Lewis lung carcinoma (LLC) and Meth-A, and many of them have been suggested to counter angiogenesis and metastasis.” What does all that mean? Water extracts boost your immune system and help your body combat cancer, while alcohol extracts combat cancer directly.

Talk about a one-two punch! Some traditional reishi preparations involve making a decoction by simmering the mushrooms for 2 hours. This preparation misses the benefits of the alcohol-soluble constituents. As a whole, western science has proven reishi mushroom extracts to be:

  • Analgesic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Anti-tumor

Reishi mushrooms are also shown to lower blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood sugar, and decrease platelet aggregation, which leads to blood clots. Its effects on blood sugar are sufficiently substantial that it has been used successfully to treat diabetes.

The antioxidant activities of compounds found in reishi mushrooms appear to target free radicals that are responsible for aging, and reishi helped reverse the effects of aging in laboratory mice. Reishi works to protect and strengthen the liver, and has been used successfully for treating chronic hepatitis B.

Reishi Mushroom Liquid Extract

The reishi mushroom liquid extracts we’ve listed above are created through the hot water extract process using alcohol. It’s what’s known as dual extraction, making it one of the most potent ways to get the highest concentration of the beneficial compounds and chemicals from the reishi mushroom in an easy to consume liquid tincture.

The tinctures we listed above are made using the whole fruiting bodies of reishi mushroom. Not the mycelial and grain fillers that other companies use to cut corners. This means you get significantly higher beta-glucan and polysaccharide levels, which is the main compound responsible for the incredible benefits of the reishi mushroom.

Now that you know what reishi mushroom tinctures are and how they can benefit your health, let’s take a look at some of the best products on the market. These products vary in price, but they all offer high-quality reishi mushroom supplements that are sure to improve your health.

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