Reishi Mushroom for Acne | Does it work?

Reishi Mushroom for Acne | Does it work?

Does Reishi Mushroom Work for Acne?

Yes, reishi mushroom can be a great way to treat acne. While it may not work for all types of acne, according to studies, Reishi can help improve hormonal imbalances, which can often be the cause of acne. So supplementing reishi along with cleaning up your diet and reducing other sources of inflammation may clear up your acne significantly.

Because of their anti-stress properties, reishi mushrooms may be used to help balance out the sex hormones known to trigger those annoying pre-period breakouts around our jaws we are all too familiar with, or androgens driving pimples down along our jawline, neck, and upper back. By soothing the nervous system and improving the body’s resilience to stress, reishi can help prevent various skin issues associated with imbalanced sex hormones. The skin benefits of Ashwagandha are also powerful and known for their hormonal balancing effects, and are an excellent partner for reishi for addressing skin health.

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Reishi Mushroom Benefits for Your Skin and Acne

Many of the properties that make reishi mushrooms so effective for immune support, cancer treatments, and blood glucose regulation are also the reasons why they are powerful skincare medicine mushrooms.

Smooth and Tones Your Skin

Reishi mushrooms have high concentrations of beta-glucan, simple sugars found in many different mushrooms. These are responsible for a lot of lingzhi mushrooms immune-boosting and tumor-fighting properties, and in terms of skincare, they are excellent for relieving the itchiness and redness from pimples and other breakouts, helping with a much more even, toned complexion. Additionally, it is believed that the beta-glucans help with collagen regeneration, helping with suppleness in skin.

Reduce Cell Damage and Slow Signs of Premature Ageing

Reishi is known for its ultra-high levels of anti-oxidants, which are a potent scavenger of the free radicals which lead to cellular damage and signs of premature aging. Reishi mushrooms are anti-inflammatory and contain polysaccharides which are protective for skin, which may help to protect your skin from oxidative damage, caused by UV light, pollution in your environment, and toxic ingredients in makeup, to name just a few, which all may contribute to your skin aging faster and breaking down more quickly. With high levels of anti-oxidants, Le Zhi is an excellent helper for fighting off sun damage and wrinkles caused by cellular breakdown, helping maintain a healthy complexion. Use it alongside other powerful natural skin healing agents.

Thickens Epidermis and Dermis Layers of the Skin

Skin thinning is something that happens to all of us as we get older, and can be accelerated by things like sun damage, medications, or lifestyle factors, which make your skin appear older and more susceptible to damage. Reishi has been shown to improve skin structure, and to protect skin cell DNA, increasing epidermis and dermis thickness. It has also proven beneficial for preventing collagen and elastin from degrading, and increasing superoxide dismutase (SOD) levels in the skin, all while creating a fuller, younger-looking skin.

Accelerated Healing

When applied directly to the skin, reishi mushrooms may enhance and accelerate the healing of wounds thanks to their protective polysaccharides, which may prove especially helpful for people who suffer from acne scars or other external injuries. Reishi also decreases pigmentation and can have a skin-lightening effect.

There is no doubt the health benefits of reishi mushrooms in skincare are numerous. However, although you can read a lot about many more benefits reishi mushrooms have to offer to your skin and general well-being, the points above are supported by a number of studies and scientific studies, which is why they are what we are writing about with certainty.

What makes Reishi so powerful?

Reishi has been used both orally and topically for the treatment of skin inflammation, digestive problems, reduced stress, and also for strengthening the immune system for fighting viruses and chronic diseases. In addition, it contains potent active hexose related compound (AHCC) which helps boost our immune system and neurological properties.


Active Hexose-Correlated Compound is a fermented extract of the mushroom that has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. It contains high amounts of amino acids and minerals. Also, it contains Alpha-1 which helps to boost the consumers cognitive functions.


These are soluble fibers that come from different cells of plants and fungi, which helps lower cholesterol levels and keeps cholesterol out of your system after meals. These are also studied to have strong immune-boosting effects. These are great for fighting acne, because they help reduce the amount of bacteria on your skin cells, while also encouraging good bacteria growth in your digestive system.


One of the greatest benefits of reishi is it is an enzymatic aid to tyrosinase. This is excellent at producing the growth of melanin, which gives users clean skin and pores.

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