Reishi Mushroom For HPV | Does It Help?

Reishi Mushroom For HPV | Does It Help?

Is Reishi Mushroom Good for HPV?

The answer is yes, reishi mushroom is good for HPV. One study showed 88% of participants showed a decrease in oral HPV after using reishi mushrooms. While it’s not a cure for HPV, it’s a safe, affordable, and readily available treatment. Always consult your doctor when thinking of taking a new supplement.

Although medicinal mushrooms have received increasing attention in the health care community lately, the benefits they offer for improving immunity are not yet well understood. Modern science is only beginning to understand their incredible history, and is diving further in understanding their therapeutic potential.

Researchers have found, for instance, that fungal polysaccharides modulate the immune system. The immune-boosting effects of medicinal mushrooms are especially useful in combating viral infections, such as HPV. With more than 100 different strains of human papillomavirus, and with each year seeing an estimated 14 million new cases, we need a strong immune system in order to stave off infections and combat viruses. Medicinal mushrooms and mushroom extracts such as AHCC not only activate the bodys own protective cells like macrophages, but they reduce inflammation.

When choosing a medicinal mushroom to treat HPV, it is important to remember that each species has unique properties and applications. Many formulas combine multiple different species together in order to achieve a particular effect. Let us look at some of the most common medical mushroom supplements used in the U.S.

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Other Adaptogens that Help with HPV

Red Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum)

The application of roe-reishi to various health conditions, such as cancer and chronic inflammation, is strongly supported by contemporary science. Because of its protective effects on the liver and its antioxidant properties, reishi is commonly called “the immortal mushroom”“.

Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps is one of the most beloved species of mushrooms used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Cordyceps is known for its powerful anti-cancer effects, particularly in the treatment of leukemia. In addition to its cancer-fighting properties, cordyceps is also known for reducing cholesterol, dilation of blood vessels, and improving cardiovascular health.

Chaga (Inonotuus obliquus)

Chaga grows mostly on species from Birch Trees. The birch tree is considered to be a tumor-fighting plant in and of itself. Chaga has been used for more than 50 years in Siberian cultures, notably due to its efficacy in fighting lung, digestive, cervical, and breast cancers. Recent studies have led researchers to discover its ability to reduce blood sugar levels and modulate the immune system.

Turkey Tails (Trametes versicolor)

Turkey Tails are common in forests, and they are being studied extensively for their abilities to boost immune functions and fight off diseases. A large body of research supports their anti-cancer effects, particularly against GI tumors. Thanks to its prebiotic content, turkey tail helps to nourish the beneficial bacteria in your intestinal flora, which will boost immune system health even more. Take time to learn the unique benefits of each of these mushrooms, and explore powerful combinations to maximize benefits for your immune system.

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Updated 10/21/2022

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