2 Best Cordyceps Tincture

What is cordyceps tincture?

Cordyceps tinctures are the dual extracted liquid form of cordyceps mushroom. Typically the hot water extraction process is used to pull a highly concentrated, liquid form of cordyceps that leaves you with a liquid containing the highest concentrations of the beneficial chemicals and compounds contained in cordyceps mushrooms. Making it the most effective way to consume cordyceps if your goal is to get the most benefits.

Here are two of our favorite tinctures:

LifeCykel Cordyceps Tincture
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Beta Glucan levels unknown
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What are the benefits of cordyceps tincture?

A couple of the most pronounced benefits of cordyceps tinctures include increased energy levels, improved immunity, and better overall health. Additionally, cordyceps tincture may help to improve respiratory function and protect the liver.

Are there any side effects associated with cordyceps tincture?

There are not many side effects of cordyceps mushrooms. However, as with any herbal supplement, it is always important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting to take any form of cordyceps supplements or liquid tinctures. A few of the side effects that have been reported dealt with stomach irritability, so we suggest that you take cordyceps tincture on a full stomach to avoid this, and over time if you do not experience stomach irritability, try taking it on an empty stomach.

How effective is cordyceps tincture?

There is limited research on the effectiveness of cordyceps, but the studies are very promising, as we’ve laid out in our post discussing the individual benefits of cordyceps mushroom, studies have been conducted and show that cordyceps is oddly effective when compared to other supplements availabe on the market today.

How do you take Cordyceps Tincture?

One of the great things about cordyceps tinctures is that it’s the most potent, and the most convenient way to take cordyceps mushroom. You can simply put one or two drop under your tongue, and swallow. Or you could place a couple drops in your water bottle and carry with you throughout the day.

Drop a few drops into your coffee, put a few drops into your drink with dinner, the possibilities are endless. It’s honestly my favorite way to consume cordyceps because of how easy and convenient it is.

The bottom line

A Cordyceps tincture may offer a variety of health benefits, including increased energy levels, improved immunity, and better overall health. However, more research is needed to determine the effectiveness of this incredible fungi. Speak with a healthcare professional to learn more.

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