Is Cordyceps Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Cordyceps Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be an anxious time. Whether you are a first-time parent or not, advice about what is safe or unsafe changes frequently with the results of new studies, leaving some expecting parents confused as to how best to take care of themselves and their new baby. Couple that with the emerging and fascinating research into herbs and healing plants, and information can get contradictory, sometimes factually inaccurate, and that can end up endangering both you and your little one.

Is Cordyceps Safe to Use During Pregancy?

There are no known concerns regarding use of cordyceps in pregnancy and lactation at this time, and it is presumed that they are safe for medical approval. Although you should always consult your doctor before taking any new supplement to ensure it is safe for you.

Cordyceps is thought to increase endurance, energy, and decrease the physical effects of stress on your body. They are commonly used in traditional and herbal medicines for strengthening resistance and supporting healthy hormone functions.

There is still an enormous amount of research that needs to be done in this field in order to establish the effects of particular adaptogens during pregnancy. For now, evidence suggests their use is risky in pregnancy. Adaptogens are used to balance hormonal levels in the body, but hormonal activity during pregnancy may not be predictable, and trying to balance it out could negatively affect you. Cortisol, for instance, is one of the primary hormones associated with stress and stress management, but levels of cortisol are increased in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy to help with the fetal lungs and brain development, so adaptogens that work against cortisol can negatively affect the development of your baby. However, while they might not be safe for use while pregnant, many adaptogens are thought to be safe and helpful for women for weeks after delivery.

They may help to lower stress levels and chances of postpartum depression, enhance lactation, and even encourage overall relaxation in your early weeks as a new parent. Always make sure you talk with a physician if you are considering using adaptogens while pregnant, so that you understand the risks from a medical standpoint.

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