Does Reishi Mushroom Increase Testosterone?

Does Reishi Mushroom Increase Testosterone?

Can too much testosterone be a bad thing? Too much testosterone in men may seem wonderful, but the side effects of it could be dramatic if you are sensitive to it. But does reishi mushroom increase testosterone?

Does Reishi Mushroom Increase Testosterone?

No, reishi mushroom does not increase testosteroneStudies show reishi can provide an anti-androgen benefit, which means it may inhibit testosterone. Androgens are characterized as a group of sexual hormones that are responsible for developing masculine sexual traits, such as facial and bodily hair growth, and changes in vocal pitch. They are present in both men and women. Reishi mushrooms are thought to have properties that may assist with suppressing the production of testosterone, not increasing it. In a notable study, the research showed that of 20 species of mushrooms studied, the Reishi mushrooms were found to be the strongest at their ability to inhibit testosterone (the main androgen).

If you are looking to reduce testosterone, you might have some luck. Reishi mushrooms contain oils called triterpenoids, which are active compounds that aid in the reduction of the production of testosterone. Because of these properties, using reishi mushrooms is thought to produce a similar effect.

One study showed that Reishi mushrooms dramatically prevented testosterone from being converted to the stronger form of testosterone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is an androgen derived from testosterone. Testosterone and DHT provide benefits to the body, contributing to sexual health, especially for men. Testosterone is converted into DHT by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase.

However, one of the usual side effects of high levels of DHT is that the hair follicles get shrunken, the hair cycle gets shorter, leading to hair loss and baldness, because vitamins, minerals, and proteins cannot get to the hair follicles to keep it healthy and fed. For many, hair is a source of confidence, and losing it can be a cause of anxiety.

In that situation, finding something that can lower your DHT levels is the perfect solution. There are several options out there for people looking to lower DHT levels. If you are considering cutting down on DHT, but you are looking for a natural solution, then reishi mushrooms might be the one for you. It is becoming an increasingly popular natural solution for battling the effects of high levels of DHT, like hair loss and baldness.

Both male and female sensitivity to testosterone can result in androgenic alopecia. Excessive testosterone production in men can result in an enlarged prostate gland and an increased risk of prostate cancer. Excessive testosterone production in women can be an issue too, because it causes increased body hair, baldness, deepened vocals, and even infertility.

Many people suffering from excess testosterone or being sensitive to testosterone are looking for ways to lessen and alleviate the effects. One of those remedies that is growing in popularity due to this issue is Reishi mushrooms.

Reishi mushrooms are used all around the world for their natural healing properties. Most often used as a healing resource, the properties contained in Reishi are thought to prevent cancer, enhance the immune system, offer neuroprotective properties, and much more. The presence of active compounds linked to providing health benefits could mean there is something in these mushrooms, which have been used for centuries. With recent studies, reishi mushrooms are believed to contain active compounds that could potentially lower levels of testosterone in the body. If you are suffering from high levels of testosterone and looking for a solution, this post will provide the necessary information about Reishi mushrooms.

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