How to Dry Lion’s Mane Mushroom

How to Dry Lion's Mane Mushroom

Lions Mane Mushrooms are both distinctive for their looks and flavor, not to mention that they come with a few cool nicknames like Monkeys Head and Bearded Fungus. Even with its somewhat goofy names, Lions Mane mushrooms are packed with some serious health benefits. While this particular fungus is beloved by the holistic community, you are not likely to find it at your average grocery store. But we wanted to outline some of the things we like about this cool fungi and talk about how to dry lion’s mane mushroom.

How to Dry Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Lion’s mane must be gently, gently dried. Our farmers told us it takes about 9 pounds of fresh, uncooked lions mane to produce just 1 pound of dried lion’s mane! The mushrooms are highly aromatic when dried, giving off a nice, thick smell that smells like cocoa.

It is important to properly cook any mushroom before using in recipes or in tea. If consuming your own homegrown mushrooms, always follow health and safety guidelines provided by your mushroom supplier, and prepare mushrooms prior to consumption.

Most mushrooms have a high proportion of water. However, Lions Mane tends to be a lot dryer than other types of mushrooms; that makes for a slightly shorter dehydration process.

Start by placing the mushrooms you have harvested outside in direct sunlight for several hours. Then, take these steps:

  1. Inspect your mushrooms and brush away any dirt.
  2. Using a sharp knife, cut your mushrooms into 1/4-inch pieces and lay them on the drying rack.

Depending on how much you have harvested and how large the mushrooms are, you will need varying levels of heat and times if you’re using a dehydrator.

You can also learn more details about the process via the video below:

Dried Lion’s Mane Mushrooms Benefits

Lion’s mane is great for your overall health and well being. Although one of it’s most touted benefits is it’s ability to promote brain health and prevent neurodegeneration. Many like to use it as a nootropic as well to help give their brain the extra boost of energy it needs to make it through the work day.

Growing Options for Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

We get all our lion’s mane from our local organic farms, but there are several different growing kit options for home-brewers who want to cultivate their own mushrooms. For more details on growing your own lions mane mushrooms, please read our Growing Lions Mane article.


Generally, lion’s mane mushrooms are ready for harvest in anywhere from four to seven days from pinning. The mushrooms should be harvested once “teeth” are visibly formed, but before they develop a golden-brown color and start drying. When harvesting lion’s mane, the best technique is to slice the “snowballs” or “pom-poms” with a very sharp knife. If done correctly, you can get several yields. After the harvest, you can start drying the mushrooms.

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Updated 10/10/2022

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