What Does The Bottom of a Turkey Tail Mushroom Look Like?

What Does The Bottom of a Turkey Tail Mushroom Look Like featured image

If you’re lucky enough to find a turkey tail mushroom in the wild, you’ll want to know what the bottom of the mushroom looks like. So, what does the bottom of a turkey tail mushroom look like? The bottom of a turkey tail mushroom is typically white or pale in color, and it has a series of small pores that allow the mushroom to release spores. The bottom of the mushroom is also where the stem of the mushroom attaches. If you’re looking for a turkey tail mushroom to add to your collection, make sure to check the bottom of the mushroom to ensure that it is intact.

What Does The Bottom of False Turkey Tail Mushroom Look Like?

The False Turkey Tail mushroom is a type of bracket fungus that can be found growing on trees all over the world. The bottom of this mushroom looks very different from the top, which is why it gets its name. The top of the False Turkey Tail mushroom is typically smooth, brown and white, while the bottom is usually white with small brown spots. The False Turkey Tail mushroom is not edible, but it is often used in traditional medicine.

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Turkey Tail Mushroom Underside

The underside of turkey tail is one of the main ways you can identify true turkey tail due to its pores. Be careful when identifying turkey tail in the wild as there is a false turkey tail mushroom. Either have a guide with you when in the wild and looking to identify turkey tail mushroom, or bring any harvested mushrooms homes and use a guide to double check and identify whether you have real turkey tail or false turkey tail.

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