What is PSK In Turkey Tail Mushroom?

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What is PSK in Turkey Tail Mushroom?

PSK is a polysaccharide-peptide compound found in turkey tail mushroom supplements. This compound has been shown to have immunomodulatory and anti-tumor effects in preclinical studies. PSK is thought to work by stimulating the body’s immune system to fight cancer cells. Clinical studies on the use of PSK for cancer treatment are ongoing.

However, the results of these studies are not yet available. If you are considering using PSK for cancer treatment, please consult with your healthcare provider to discuss the risks and benefits.

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What is PSK Mushroom?

PSK is an abbreviation for “polysaccharide-peptide complex”. It is a natural immunomodulator isolated from the fruit bodies of several medicinal mushrooms, including the turkey tail mushroom (Trametes versicolor) and the Cordyceps sinensis. PSK has been used as an adjuvant therapy for cancer in Japan since the 1970s, and is one of the most extensively studied natural immunomodulators in the world.

PSK has been shown to stimulate the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells and antibodies, as well as modulating the activity of certain immune cells. It has also been shown to have direct anti-tumor effects, and to improve the efficacy of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

PSK is typically taken orally, in the form of a powder or capsule. It is also available in injectable form, but this is only used in clinical trials and is not commercially available.

PSK is generally considered to be safe, with few side effects reported. The most common side effects are gastrointestinal in nature, such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Polysaccharides are one of the main reasons functional mushrooms have become popular are because of this compound. The great news is, all of the functional mushrooms featured on this website contain some level of PSK, so you can’t go wrong with incorporating any of these mushrooms into your diet.

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