Is Cordyceps Good For Allergies? Let’s Find Out

Is Cordyceps Good For Allergies? Let's Find Out

If you find yourself accumulating excessive amounts of tissues and antihistamines at specific times of year, it is possible that you are suffering from seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergy triggers differ, but common symptoms can include sneezes, coughs, runny noses, and itchiness.

There are many ways you can alleviate symptoms using natural remedies and supplements, from rinsing your nose with saline solution to adding mushroom powders to your diet. Learn how to relieve allergies naturally, and return to feeling like your best self, regardless of the season.

Hot off the presses this year, published in Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, is research showing that cordyceps could play a role in treating allergies and inflammatory diseases.

Allergic conditions are associated with the activation of an unpleasant type of immune cell called mast cells. Mast cells are “master” regulators of your immune system.

Importantly, they contain capsules that contain biologically active substances called mediators. When those mediators are released, an inflammatory wrangle ensues. Some of these mediators include histamines and TNF-alpha.

Cordyceps May Help Relieve Allergies

Scientists have found that the cordyceps suppresses something called TSLP, which turns out to be the primary driver of mast cell development and activation.

They concluded that active molecules inside cordyceps mushrooms could potentially be applied in treating allergic inflammatory responses that are worsened by TSLP. This is a preliminary study, of course, but it is yet another reason to be excited about the awesome world of medicinal mushrooms!

Another natural way to suppress allergy symptoms is with functional mushroom supplements, particularly ones containing whole-food, organic reishi and maitake mushrooms. Reishi mushrooms have alleged anti-allergy properties, and can support reducing inflammation, while also supporting a healthy immune system.

You can find our favorite capsules, powders, and tincture’s on the following pages of our website and learn more about each individually:

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Maitake mushrooms, which have a nice birds-eye look, are similar to reishi in their ability to support the immune system and may help to decrease allergy-related sensitivities. Maitake mushrooms help to promote a natural equilibrium in the body and healthy stress responses – qualities that are very needed by someone suffering from seasonal allergies.

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Updated 10/13/22

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