How to Determine if You’re Buying Organic Cordyceps

Organic Cordyceps | Make Sure You're Getting the Best Product

Cordyceps supplements are becoming increasingly popular these days because of their powerful health benefits like improved breathing, immune system, and general well-being. But, not all cordyceps are created equally. With so many cordyceps supplements on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones are the highest-quality, most effective, and most effective. Here are 3 things you should watch for when buying cordyceps supplements.

Read the Label and Look for 3 Quality Markers

For maximum health-promoting benefits, a mushroom supplement needs to have high polysaccharide, high beta-glucans of 1-3, 1-6, and low alpha-glucans. On the other hand, although alpha-glucans do not provide any medical benefits, they may also just be starch filler, since starch has similar compounds made from alpha-glucan. However, many brands of cordyceps supplements on the market are low in polysaccharides and will not disclose the levels of alpha-glucans as well as the levels of 1- 3, 1- 6, beta-glucans. Therefore, you should always seek out cordyceps supplements that have a higher polysaccharide content, higher beta-glucans (especially the 1-3, 1-6 beta-glucans), and lower alpha-glucans.

Organic Cordyceps Extract Does Not Mean It’s Cordyceps Powder

Chitin found in the cell walls of mushrooms is indigestible in the human digestive system. In order to obtain the biologically active compounds of the mushroom, processing of the mushroom is essential to break down the chitin. Corydceps in powder form may contain impurities and can only contain a maximum of 0.5% – 3% in polysaccharides. However cordyceps in extract form is pure and concentrated, also it can contain more than 50% in polysaccharides. Therefore it is always recommended to choose the extract form and not the powder form.

Ensure that You Are Getting 100% Real Organic Cordyceps Mushrooms

Ensure the cordyceps supplements that you are getting are made from 100% genuine mushrooms (not just starch) is essential for achieving maximum health benefits. The easiest way is to see if the product is third-party tested and certified for its DNA by an independent lab. For highest potency, also opt for cordyceps supplements certified as organic, since organic cordyceps are far more potent than wild-caught cordyceps.

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Updated 10/18/2022

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