When Is the Best Time to Take Tongkat Ali?

When Is the Best Time to Take Tongkat Ali?

So When is the best time to take Tongkat Ali?

The best time to take tongkat ali is in the morning after a light meal to get the sustained benefits throughout your day. This is also ideal so you can avoid any negative effects on your sleep quality in the evening as some people do experience a significant energizing effect from tongkat ali, which would make it very hard to fall asleep if you consume it in the evening.

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Before you can decide on a best time to use tongkat ali, it is important that you know what is the right dose for you. To do so, you can consult the nutrition label on the product; however, it is a general guideline, and the appropriate amount for you can depend on a variety of factors. Some of those will include your age, sex, medical conditions, the presence of any disease such as diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure, among others. So, best is to check with your physician and get a well-informed answer. In general, it is considered safe to take between 500mg to 1,000mg of Tonkhat Ali every day.

It should also be remembered that tongkat ali can have adverse effects; so, when starting, first-time consumers should begin at lower dosages for a week or so, and gradually increase their intake, but do not go above 1,000mg a day. Another important fact to keep in mind is that tongkat ali comes in different strengths, the most common being 1×100 and 1×200. It is important to keep those in mind in order to tailor your intake accordingly. For example, if you are taking 400mg 1×100-strength tongkat ali, then you will need 200mg of 1×200-strength tongkat ali to match that dose. These numbers indicate how much Eurycoma longifolia is used to produce 1kg of the health supplement tongkat ali, and thus, how potent the products effects will be.

Now, to follow up on what we mentioned above, as tongkat ali is a strong, powerful supplement known to provide you with energy, it is highly recommended that you consume it during the first part of the day. You can divide your intake in two parts, having half the dose after breakfast, the other half after lunch. However, you should keep in mind that tongkat ali may give an upset stomach, for this reason, it is recommended to consume it after a light meal, ideally, a protein shake. Therefore, having tongkat ali right after breakfast will work best, which keeps you energetic for the whole day. While you can have tongkat ali anytime during the day, having it after dinner might make you stay awake through the night, then exhausted the following day because of the lack of sleep.

With so many variables surrounding this product, it becomes important for consumers and prospective consumers to clarify which consumption is appropriate for them. So, check with your physician and begin taking tongkat ali to achieve a better health in general. Tongkat ali is good for men as well as women, anyone can benefit if they consume it in a regimented way and constantly track their symptoms to make sure that they are not experiencing any adverse effects of the product. However, pregnant women, children, and older adults taking any other medicines or having any medical conditions should not consume tongkat ali. Apart from those categories, everyone, male or female, can safely consume tongkat ali for energy, to ease stress, or to get over other, more serious problems.

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