Cycling Tongkat Ali

Cycling Tongkat Ali

Do You Need to Cycle Tongkat Ali?

So do you need to cycle tongkat ali? The answer is no, you do not need to cycle tongkat ali as it is safe for regular consumption. Although you may want to consider cycling tongkat ali if you would like to avoid generating a tolerance and thus lowering the effectiveness of tongkat ali in your system. We delve into different methods of cycling tongkat ali below.

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There were questions about the best way to use the tongkat ali over the long term. Cycling tongkat ali is the practice of taking the supplement for a specific length of time, then stopping its use for a short time to reduce your tolerance, then restarting use once again. It is believed that cyclical tongkat ali intake will optimize tongkat alis’ bioactive effects and beneficial hormonal responses. As a result, many people report better benefits with cycling tongkat ali than with continued, non-stop consumption over the long-term.

Dr. Andrew Hubermans podcast interview with Hormone Optimization Expert, Dr. Kyle Gillet, touched on the topic of tongkat ali and cycle approach, though only briefly. This article is about how Tongkat Ali can be cycled for optimal results and health benefits. Below we’ll share the times when you should cycle Tongkat Ali for different situations in order to achieve better results.

There has been an increasing amount of positive feedback about the cycled Tongkat Ali in forums like Reddit. We are going to be covering the frequency at which Tongkat Ali should be cycled, types of cycling methods for Tongkat Ali, and why you should even consider cycling Tongkat Ali.

How to Cycle Tongkat Ali

Long Term Cycling for tongkat ali are performed with long durations between starts and stops. This long term approach of cycling Tongkat Ali allows the body to rest and reboot itself (during the OFF Cycle) and allows for better absorption of nutrients (during the ON Cycle). Macro Cycling is done by long-term, experienced users of Tongkat Ali. Most users are knowledgeable about the way their bodies respond to the herbs supplements and changes in their diet.

Examples of Long Term Cycling:

  1. Duration: 4 months
    1. 3 months On (Using tongkat ali)
    2. 1 month Off (No use of tongkat ali)
  2. Duration: 12 months
    1. 11 months On ( as recommended by Dr. Kyle Gillett)
    2. 1 month Off

Always experiment to see what will work best for you regarding the longer term cycling of tongkat ali. But that brings us to the shorter term approach to cycling.

Examples of Mico-Cycling Tongkat Ali:

  1. Duration: 5 weeks
    1. 4 weeks On
    2. 1 week Off
  2. Duration: 7 Days
    1. 5 days On
    2. 2 days Off

Microcycling Tongkat Ali allows for an ON/OFF cycle at shorter intervals. This works well if you are starting with tongkat ali, or you are just getting started on the tongkat ali supplements.

This benefits you tremendously, because your body is able to adjust to and slowly absorb new bioactive ingredients. In turn, microcycling tongkat ali can bring about significant, but-great, advantages for short-term goals such as increasing your libido, increasing testosterone, or experiencing an energy surge.

What Happens If You Don’t Cycle Tongkat Ali?

If you are not cycling tongkat Ali, your body will develop high tolerances, and you might have to up the dose in order to achieve the same effects that you want, or your health goals (e.g., boosting physical energy, relieving mental strain, or getting more focused). Cycling Tongkat Ali allows you to keep your dosage consistent, with no need to increase the daily dose every month or every 3 months. And this can help save money. There are reasons you should think about taking tongkat ali and using an off/on cycle, and they are related to the following factors.

Tolerance is our tolerance for drugs, and cycling Tongkat Ali can keep your tolerance levels low so you get increased benefit at lower doses. When taking any herbal supplements including Tongkat Ali, it is possible that your body will become used to the bioactive ingredients after prolonged periods. Eventually, continued use without cyclical intake may prevent your body from producing desired effects or benefits. Similar to the effects of caffeine (and other stimulant/botanical drugs), taking Tongkat Ali daily with no breaks can lead to increasing the dose in order to achieve the same effects.

Suppression is another reason why you need to cycle Tongkat Ali. Suppression is the state when your body realizes you have surplus nutrients, and therefore, your body decides that it does not need to produce more of its own. Cycling tongkat Ali keeps your body within a threshold for how much you can take in, while sweeping the excess surplus out. This means that compared to people taking 500mg or less, you might not get any extra. This threshold works in a similar manner when taking creatine. Once you reach your maximum body-available quantity, the rest simply gets flushed from your system.

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