Using Tongkat Ali for Libido | Does it Increase Sex Drive?

Using Tongkat Ali for Libido | Does it Increase Sex Drive?

Tongkat Ali is a Southeast Asian plant that is traditionally used in herbalism. Recently, it is been popularized in the health and fitness world, as some believe that it can boost testosterone, sexual desire, and athletic performance, too. Is that true, or are the supplements sellers guilty of exaggerating its benefits?

Tongkat Ali, also called Longjack, Malaysian ginseng, and Eurycoma longifolia, is a plant-originated herbal remedy originating in South East Asia. For centuries, humans have used tongkat ali for a number of ailments, including lower back pain, digestion problems, fever, jaundice, malaria, dysentery, and hypertension, but its most commonly used application is as an aphrodisiac.

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Does Tongkat Ali Improve Sex Drive and Libido?

Multiple studies suggest tongkat ali has an aphrodisiac effect on rats who are sexually slow, naive, and inexperienced, are asexual, or are otherwise healthy. Studies on humans are also promising.

In a study conducted by scientists from the University of Sains Malaysia, men supplemented daily with 300 mg of tongkat ali extract increased subjective measures of sexual desire by 8-to-11 percent. Animal and human studies have also shown that tongkat ali has positive effects on erectile dysfunction and increased fertility through improved motility and concentration of the sperm. Therefore, there is plausible evidence to suggest tongkat ali enhances mens sexual health, particularly in men suffering from low libido, erectile dysfunction, and low fertility.

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