Tongkat Ali and Hair Growth | Does Tongkat Ali Cause Hair Loss?

Tongkat Ali and Hair Growth | Does Tongkat Ali Cause Hair Loss?

As men get older, they might begin to worry about losing their hair. Some look for supplements hoping that it can help them maintain thick, full hair. Tongkat Ali is one of those supplements. And, most importantly, people want to know does it cause hair loss?

Tongkat Ali is a supplement made from the roots of Eurycoma longifolia. This tree is found in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries for various problems, including low libido and erectile dysfunction.

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Some people say Tongkat Ali may even be helpful in preventing baldness. The theory is that the supplement may boost your testosterone levels, which in turn could help to prevent hair loss. However, there is no scientific evidence supporting the claim. But on the opposite side of the spectrum, does Tonkkali cause hair loss?

Tongkat Ali and Hair Growth

There is no conclusive scientific proof that Tonk-Ali can increase hair growth, although there is some anecdotal evidence. One study found that men taking tongkat ali supplements experienced increased sexual desire and improved quality of sperm. It is possible that increased testosterone levels associated with tongkat ali may result in increased hair growth, but further studies are needed to confirm this.

Does Tongkat Ali Increase Hair Loss?

There is no evidence that suggests that Tongkat Ali causes hair loss in men. In fact, there is no evidence at all that suggests that it has an effect at all on hair loss. If you are worried about losing hair, the best option is to speak with a physician about proven treatments for hair loss. It does not lead to thinning of the hair over a long period of time.

Does Tongkat Ali Effect DHT

However, Tongkat Ali disrupts the enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone(DHT), leading to increased levels of serum testosterone. Usually higher levels of DHT are responsible for male hair loss. However, it is not completely clear whether or not Tongkat ali actually increases levels of DHT, because there is contradictory research about this. Some studies appear to show Tongkat Ali can raise levels of DHT, whereas others have found no such effects. Overall, further studies are needed to establish the effects of Tongkat Ali on DHT levels.

Can You Take Tongkat Ali Long Term?

It can also benefit men who have low testosterone, a low sex drive, or men who are experiencing male infertility. Although it appears to be safe for use in dosages above 400 mg/day, there is limited research, and only limited data, on use for the short-term. The effects of taking supplements for longer periods are unknown.

E. longifolia, also known as Tokunaki Tree, is a Southeast Asian shrubby tree. It is actually Alis walking stick, which references its aphrodisiac effects. It has been suggested that Tongkat Ali’s properties can be investigated.

People with certain medical conditions need to take care when trying it, because it is more likely to cause adverse effects. E. longifolia can have an aphrodisiac effect, because it increases the levels of testosterone and dopamine in the brain.

A 2018 study identified 16 compounds in different parts of the plant showing promise as anti-cancer agents. The plant has no proven capacity for treating prostate cancer, but may have utility for other conditions. It has been shown to kill bacteria like Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhi. The substance has been shown to improve male fertility, sexual performance, and stress levels. It may even prove a promising aid for ergogenics.

Before using this drug, talk to your healthcare provider if you have any medical conditions. Long before modern medicine, Tongkat Ali Extract was used in traditional medicines.

Its effects improved energy and sexual performance. According to one study published in Phytomedicine, you can take tongkat ali every day at a dosage between 200-400 mg. Since this dosage is taken over the course of the day, two to three doses are taken, so it is not clear whether it is a better decision. Tongkat ali has a few side effects that may occur, such as increased blood flow and faster heart rates. As a result, these effects are usually mild, and it is possible to discontinue using this herb in order to avoid these effects. Most healthy adults can use Tongkat Ali in doses ranging from 200-400 mg a day without worry of long term side effects.

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