Is Longjack The Same Thing As Tongkat Ali?

Is Longjack The Same Thing As Tongkat Ali?

Are Longjack and Tongkat Ali The Same Thing?

Yes, Longjack and Tongkat Ali are the same thing. Longjack is simply a nickname that was used in the west for a plant that has been used in Asian countries for quite some time.

Longjack, or longjak, is derived from Eurycoma longifolia. The word long comes from the Latin: Longifolia, meaning long-leaved. And the word “Jack” refers to the plants ability to grow up to 15 meters tall. However, in most of the studies and clinical trials, Longjack is usually called the Tongkat Ali by the medical experts.

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Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) is distinctly Malaysian, the former British colony that has centuries-old traditions in herbalism and natural health. Longjack extract refers to the roots of Tongkat Ali, which contains biologically active ingredients, offering a broad array of health benefits and influencing our endocrine system in powerful ways. LongJack is considered as the “magic bullet” because it influences most key hormones of our endocrine system. Its health benefits are extensively discussed by leading neurobiologists, urologists, psychonutrionists, andrologists, as well as world-renowned herbal experts.

Longjack grows deep in tropical forests in Asia (mostly in Malaysia and Indonesia). It is typically harvested after five years, exported in a variety of forms such as a functional food like Tongkat Ali coffee, performance ingredients, and dietary supplements. However, the urban legend behind the “Long Jack” trade name is inspired by centuries-old beliefs about the power of Tongkat Ali to enhance male sexual desire, leading to stronger erections. But scientists are discovering that the root extract from Long Jack can offer scientifically proven health benefits, which are arguably more potent than panax ginseng.

If you have made it past the first paragraph, congratulations. At this point, it does not really matter whether you would rather call this the Longjack (if you are an American, that is) or Tongkat Ali. The point is, Longjack comes from the same plant that produces Tongkat Ali, which has the scientific name known as Eurycoma longifolia.

So, we will keep this in mind. Now, here’s the interesting thing. Unless you are over the age of 40, nobody uses the phrase Longjack anymore. So, you might want to change the search query to Tongkat Ali Root Extract, not Longjack Root Extract.

If you are looking for a good Longjack root extract, one thing that you need to know is that the best Longjack root extracts are made by artisans, often by indigenous peoples that have spent years living in remote tropical forests of Malaysia. These roots are harvested and dried in air-drying facilities (to remove moisture) before being sent onwards to manufacturing facilities for further processing.

Longjack is the result of rapid worldwide commercialization of plant-based supplements. The term Longjack is most commonly known in commercial use in the United States and Europe because it is a readily pronounceable English word. In fact, the word “Tongkat Ali” is not even found in the Oxford Dictionary at all.

In Malaysia, Tongkat Ali is consumed every day, a staple in the health-conscious way of life that has been practiced for centuries. You can find Tongkat Ali sold at traditional Chinese medicine stores, modern pharmacies, and in most cafes. But you will never find Tongkat Ali sold in Malaysia as the “Longjack”. Ask anyone in Malaysia about Longjack, and you will get a confused look.

Longjack was sold for long periods of time in the US in the early 2000’s as a libido booster, giving Tongkat Ali a bad name, resulting in loss of confidence among consumers worldwide. After scientific findings on what Tongkat Ali can do were made at the end of 2013, U.S. companies began a marketing campaign, rebranding it in the U.S. as Longjack. In a rush of excitement and greed, suppliers included banned substances like sildenafil into the Longjack products, some of them banned by the USFDA. The marketing narrative for Longjack, known as before, then switched to “testosterone enhancers” during the earliest days of social media, fueling its massive popularity with billions in e-commerce sales.

But thanks to modern science and years of R&D, Longjack’s consumer footprint has changed dramatically. The versatility of Longjack, or Tongkat Ali, means that it can be consumed several ways, either as a functional ingredient in foods (e.g., coffee or tea), a performance supplement in combination with other herbs, or as a standalone supplement (i.e., as capsules).

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