How Much Tongkat Ali Should You Take Per Day?

How Much Tongkat Ali Should You Take Per Day?

So how much Tongkat Ali should you take per day? Dr. Kyle Gillet recommends between 300mg to 1200mg per day. It’s a relatively safe herb, but as we always suggest, work with your doctor if you’re considering the addition of a new supplement to your daily regimen, especially if you’re on additional medications.

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Here is the full dosage guide, both for new users as well as existing users of Tongkat Ali. Learn more about daily recommended dosages for men and women, the upper limit, how to maximize the amount you take, and potential side effects from taking high dosages. The optimal Tongkat Ali dosage will give you the best health benefits that you are looking for. On the other hand, improper dosage can result in a lack of gains, or even surprising side effects. Here is one of the common questions, How much tongkat Ali should I take each day.

According to, it appears that Tongkat Ali is safe at dosages between 200 and 400mg a day. Tongkat Ali is a supplement that is usually safe if consumed consistently for four weeks or longer at doses between 150mg and 600mg, either in an ON/OFF cycle. But what is an ideal Tongkat Ali dosage if you are looking to bulk up or have a specific health purpose such as building muscle mass or improving sexual performance. We will discuss how to take the correct dosages so you get the optimal gains that you want, and to maximize the full potential benefits of Tongkat Ali. The recommended daily dosage of Tongkat Ali is between 150mg and 200mg a day for healthy adults over 18 years old.

It may be consumed with intervals throughout the week. Most clinical trials are based on continued use of tongkat Ali for between four and twelve weeks. You may consume one week off, one week on, or in cycles (i.e., on and off weeks). More guidance about the OFF/ON cycles in this post.

Dosages Based On Your Goals

How much tongkat Ali should I take if I have a particular health goal, like improving sex drive, increasing testosterone, building more muscle and strength. A health focused dosage guide for Tongkat Ali is tailored to provide you with more consistent gains in certain areas. This allows you to track any notable gains according to your health goals or objectives. Tongkat Ali is dose-dependent in order to provide the most amount of health benefits. On that note, the Tongkat Ali dosage is heavily influenced by its potency, how strong Tongkat Ali is when extracted, and that potency differs from one Tongkat Ali brand to the next.

There are a number of Tongkat Ali brands sold in the United States that recommend anywhere between 600mg to 1000mg Tongkat Ali per day. But you need to take 1000mg Tongkat Ali every day to get the same effects. The truth is, once you understand the link between dose, potency, and effectiveness, it might not take that much Tongkat Ali. In short, if you are taking a potent product with Tongkat Ali, then you may want to take a lower dose (e.g., 200mg/day) in order to get similar, if not higher, positive effects in order to reach your health goals. In contrast, a less potent Tongkat Ali product requires a higher dosage to provide the desired effects.

Consuming high Tongkat Ali dosages of less potent Tongkat Ali can result in nausea, sub-par benefits, and possible unidentified side effects. The ratio of dosage, potency, and effectiveness across different Tongkat Ali products is shown below. The strongest Tongkat Ali, which has highest potency and effectiveness, is found in best-handpicked roots, using cutting-edge, standardized extraction techniques. Standardized Tongkat Ali extracts make sure your daily dosage requirements for Tongkat Ali are met because of the bioactive consistency that your body requires.

The truth is, you cannot get much benefit from taking higher doses of low-potency Tongkat Ali. We will be sharing optimal Tongkat Ali dosages used for different applications in order to reach your health goals, according to the different studies and scientific evidence. Get the most out of Tongkat Ali by using the correct dosage!

Can You take 1000 mg Tongkat Ali?

It is not recommended that you take 1000mg of tongkat Ali every day, unless you have a specific reason for doing so. For example, achieving a particular health goal, if you are involved in professional bodybuilding or sports.

Most of the studies of Tongkat Ali related to body transformations and competitive sports are based on consuming 400mg daily of Tongkat Ali over the course of four to 24 weeks. It is not recommended to consume more than 1000mg daily of Tongkat Ali, although many Tongkat Ali products do recommend higher doses of 1000mg or 1500mg. In fact, please be cautious about these recommendations, because they may imply that Tongkat Ali extract has lower potency or lower levels of bioactive ingredients due to poor quality extraction processes. Please be aware that Tongkat Ali is not a medicine, and higher doses from less-potent Tongkat Ali might not result in higher benefits or better health.

For example, 200mg of high-potency Tongkat Ali contains a higher bioactive component than 1000mg of low-concentrated extract Tongkat Ali. Freeze-dried, standardized extracts in warm water provide higher potency. This means that based on your health goals, you will want between 200mg-400mg daily doses of tongkat Ali for the best results.

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