Does Tongkat Ali Increase Muscle Mass?

Does Tongkat Ali Increase Muscle Mass?

So Does Tongkat Ali Help Build Muscle?

Yes, Tongkat Ali has been shown to enhance muscle mass and improve strength gains as mentioned in this study. Another key to this result is that the participants in the study that showed the enhancement to muscle mass were participating in regular strength training alongside their Tongkat supplementation. So by no means could you expect to increase your muscle mass simply by supplementing Tongkat Ali and not working out.

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Another interesting thing is that the dose of Tongkat Ali in this study was 100 mg/day, which is fairly low considering most supplements have a suggested dosage around 800 mg/day. In my case I take 400 mg/day and feel great and have experience a healthy increase in muscle mass alongside more endurance during my strength training.

As with any supplement you’re considering, consult with your doctor if you’re currently taking any medications, but definitely consider giving Tongkat Ali a shot if you’re looking for that extra boost to helping you increase muscle mass.

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