Should You Take Tongkat Ali Before or After A Workout?

Should You Take Tongkat Ali Before or After A Workout?

Tongkat Ali is an energy booster and it needs to be taken around one hour prior to the training session to get best results. It helps increase your testosterone levels, gives you more energy, and makes muscle building easier. Also, Tongkat Ali helps to optimize the body’s natural functions, so it is best taken prior to working out, when the body is in its prime. There is no right way to use Tongkat Ali, and the best time of day to take it will depend on your personal needs and schedule.

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Always speak with a qualified physician or health care provider before starting any new supplements to ensure it is right for you.

Because Tongkat Ali is classified as both adaptogen and anabolic by herbalists, many bodybuilders and competitive athletes are using Tongkat Ali more pre-workout rather than post-workout. Pre-workout supplements and post-workout supplements offer different benefits. As far as pre-workout goes, Tongkat Ali is best used on a regular basis one to thirty minutes prior to a workout in order to boost your testosterone levels and provide that extra energy kick your body needs during a hard workout.

Tongkat Ali is Way Healthier for You Than Steroids

Why would I never choose anabolic steroids to improve performance? Anabolic steroids are not good for you, in fact, their terrible for you, and their consequences are devastating. In comparison, Tongkat Ali is a plant-based, all-natural adaptogen and anabolic, providing a similar function with no lasting or short-term effects on your health. But let me explain a bit more, so that we can understand the bigger picture. Before learning about Tongkat Ali and the benefits, I was using secretly anabolic steroids every now and then, in order to increase muscle size, motivation, and work capacity.

They are unlike the corticosteroids that are used to help decrease swelling and an overactive immune response. If you are not aware, anabolic steroids are used in medicine to deal with hormonal problems, causing delayed puberty (particularly for men) and loss of muscle mass for diseases like AIDS. With their muscle-building effects, you can imagine why so many athletes and fitness enthusiasts will use them, often illicitly, to abuse.

What most athletes are unaware of is that according to a new study published in Journal of Internal Medicine in 2018, there is a higher risk of death and other health complications from anabolic steroids. The study was based on 545 men using anabolic steroids for seven years.

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