Tongkat Ali and Boron | Do They Work Well Together?

Tongkat Ali and Boron | Do They Work Well Together?

Trying to increase your testosterone levels naturally is no simple task. To be fair, it is highly unlikely that you will ever see or feel results from synthetic anabolic steroids, regardless of the products that you use. However, neither will you experience the damaging, and often irreversible, side effects and hormonal irregulation that may occur with the use of anabolic steroids.

In this article, we are going to take a look at proven, effective, natural ways of optimizing your internal ALPHA, and favorably supporting your natural anabolic (muscle-building) hormones. Do not underestimate the power of the natural ingredients. Because minimizing the hormones that destroy muscle mass, and maximizing your endogenous (inside-produced) anabolic hormones, could result in some pretty dramatic benefits.

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Can you take Tongkat Ali and Boron together?

Yes, you can take Tongkat Ali and Boron together. Both are natural and safe substances that have been tested and researched quite a bit. Although if you’re taking medications or you know you’re sensitive to new supplements, you will want to consult your doctor before adding these two supplements to your regimen.

Does Taking Tongkat Ali with Boron Increase Testosterone?

Both Tongkat Ali and Boron have been shown to increase testosterone in separate studies performed on both substances individually.

There is not anything boring about Boron. In fact, one recent study gave healthy young men (18-29 years old) 10mg of Boron over 7 days. At the end of that brief study, they had increased testosterone levels by an impressive 28.3%4. In another study participants received 6 mg of boron for 60 days, and researchers saw many improvements in hormone markers.

Vitamin D levels increased by 19.6%, which could also be contributing to hormonal health. DHEA increased by a staggering 56%, while free testosterone increased by an amazing 29.5%4. Boron supplementation was also found to decrease SHBG, as well as decrease aromatase, leading to lower estrogen levels. In the first trial mentioned above (7 days), the participants estrogen levels dropped an incredible 39 percent4.

These results are certainly providing favorable hormonal status to build muscle, sexual desire, and perform. Now, with tongkat Ali, it is shown to affect SHBG, lower estrogen, support athletic performance, and decrease stress hormone cortisol. Otherwise known as Eurycoma longifolia, this is the Malaysian ginseng which works as adaptogens, helping support hormonal balance. It has been clinically proven to boost libido and sexual performance by inhibiting the sex hormone binding globulin.

Traditionally, the Tongkat Ali Root has been used in Malaysia and South East Asia as an aphrodisiac to increase sexual drive and desire. It is also used for treating a number of ailments, including postpartum depression, malaria, hypertension, and fatigue. Tongkat Ali has been called the “Malaysian Viagra”, although it does not quite have the same effects.

Studies show Tongkat Ali may decrease Aromatase, an enzyme which turns testosterone into estrogen. Through this pathway, Tongkat Ali can potentially have an effect on estrogen reduction, particularly for men or women who are susceptible to high levels of estrogen.

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