Is Tongkat Ali An Aromatase Inhibitor?

Is Tongkat Ali An Aromatase Inhibitor?

So is Tongkat Ali an aromatase inhibitor? Tongkat Ali has been shown to inhibit aromatase in vitro, but leads to increased total estradiol in vivo, meaning that Tongkat Ali is not a good aromatase inhibitor if your goal is to lower total estrogen levels in your body. According to this study, It does this by blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT and estrogen by inhibiting aromatase enzyme.

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Testosterone increased 802 to 926ng/dL in only 14 days, while estradiol increased 48 to 62.8pg/mL. Free testosterone increased from 9.4 to 12.6pg/ml, which may account for the rise of estradiol, but it only indicates that the Tongkat Ali does not inhibit aromatase in all cases. This study in vitro(r) found eurycomanone does inhibit aromatase, but if estradiol is still rising even though it does inhibit aromatase, then this is certainly not a good aromatase inhibitor.

Now, remember, everybody may react differently, since there is so much individual variability. Some people really experience decreases in Estradiol as they take this, but the above studies showed that, on average, Estradiol did not go down at this particular dosage for this particular group of men.

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