Cordyceps for Erectile Dysfunction | Does It Work?

Cordyceps for Erectile Dysfunction | Does It Work?

Cordyceps and Erectile Dysfunction (ED) are starting to become apart of the same conversation. Some seem to think cordyceps helps with ED, but does science back up that claim? In this blog, we are going to take a look at some scientific evidence for cordyceps benefits for ED.

In addition to looking at cordyceps, ED, and endurance, we will also help you understand how this mushroom can improve your overall health and energy. If you are curious how taking cordyceps might improve your intimate relationships, or you simply want to know more about the potential benefits of cordyceps, this guide is for you. Read on for more information on this phenomenal mushroom that can enhance your sex, and life overall, without any adverse effects.

Does Cordyceps Work for Erectile Dysfunction?

Cordyceps benefits have been known for centuries. One of cordyceps most sought-after benefits for men includes increased sexual desire. Studies in diabetic rats have shown that using cordyceps supplements may lead to better sexual performance and improved symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

It is important to note that while a component of traditional medicine, particularly in China and in Tibetan mountains, the benefits of this medicinal mushroom are supported by scientific evidence. This means that, to this day, Cordyceps sinensis extracts and products still have the potential to reverse impotence and increase sexual desire and vitality.

Cordyceps is known in mainstream medicine as an aphrodisiac, and benefits include increased sexual desire, pleasure response, and endurance. Today, this has led to the compounds usage in food supplements, with benefits such as increased sexual drive and improved sexual function.

What is better is that if you are using an ideal dose of Cordyceps, you will enjoy the other benefits offered by the mushroom, too. For instance, cordyceps offers benefits against cancer, so, by using the mushroom for its benefits for sexual desire, you will also reduce the risk of suffering from prostate and other types of cancer. The good news is that the benefits of mushrooms on cancer are applicable for both genders, males and females. Read on to find out why more men are recently including cordyceps in their diets. Learn how this mushroom could improve your sexual life dramatically.

Cordyceps Boosts Sperm Production

Men have experienced increased sperm counts from just 2 grams of cordyceps, taken daily, according to studies.

This effect from one of the best aphrodisiac mushrooms is the result of similarities between the fungus protein structure and the leutinizing hormone, the endogenous hormone responsible for stimulating spermatogenesis. Similarly, some components of the cordyceps mushrooms exert enhancing effects on the endogenous production of corticosteroids. This further increases sexual desire through increased semen production within the body of a man. This effect is also speculated to result from a particular protein within the fungus chemical structure, called cordycepin. Increased levels of serum cordycepin were found to significantly, positively influence testosterone levels, as well as the sperm count.

Cordyceps Improves Sexual Function by Improving Diabetic Symptoms

Cordyceps is known for helping diabetes. A study published in online 2009 showed the mushroom can be used as a modern day therapy for diabetes and depression. Similar to the way Chaga helps diabetes, cordyceps can help diabetics keep their blood sugar levels normal, too.

Diabetes is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction and male impotence. A research study published online in 2014 determined that diabetes causes sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

Fortunately, traditional Chinese medicine, Cordyceps, may support sexual health for diabetic men and women. The caterpillar-like mushroom helps to increase sexual libido for men who experience decreased desire due to diabetes. The fungus reverses decreased sexual drive in diabetics by making sure that blood sugar levels are balanced throughout the day.

Cordyceps Helps With Depression and Improves Your Sex Life as A Result

One of the ways that cordyceps fixes sexual dysfunction is through helping to alleviate depression. Depression impacts sexual functioning in many ways: The condition can cause anorgasmia (or difficulty having orgasms) and erectile dysfunction. Pharmacological and clinical studies suggest cordyceps may be helpful for depression. A study published August 10, 2021 determined that water extracts from the cordyceps militaris plant had an antidepressant-like effect. This means that just as lions mane is used to treat depression, cordyceps may help treat depression as well.

By helping to treat depression, this ancient Chinese herb remedy corrects decreased libido and removes sexual dysfunction.

Cordyceps Improves Energy Levels Which Can Improve Sexual Function

For men, who frequently experience sexual dysfunction because of low energy levels, cordyceps sinensis mycelium may solve the issue. Cordyceps has been known to increase energy levels, meaning it may have some sexually-promoting properties in men suffering from lower energy levels as well. From the evidence laid out above, it is now evident that, using the active ingredients of Cordyceps, men, or even women, can effortlessly boost their sexual health. What is even better, cordyceps sinensis and militaris enhance sexual health without any serious side effects, compared with side effects that are commonly associated with other drugs used for treating sexual problems, Cordyceps risks are incredibly small.

If you are still looking for the best mushrooms for libido, just about any research paper looking at natural products that aid in improving mens sex lives points toward cordyceps species as having the best potential. In the next sections, we name some more science studies proving cordyceps extract is a good solution for men looking to have better sex lives.

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