Where Does Cordyceps Militaris Grow?

Where Does Cordyceps Militaris Grow?

What does Cordyceps Militaris grow on?

Where does Cordyceps Militaris grow? Cordyceps Militaris is a parasitic fungus that typically grows on the larvae of ghost moths and other insects. The fungus enters the body of the host through the mouth or spiracles, and then begins to grow and consume the host from the inside out. The mature fungus eventually erupts from the body of the host, killing it in the process.

It’s hailed in China as a cultural icon due to it’s use throughout history as well as for it’s prominence and prestige throughout the world. More people are trying to figure out the best ways to cultivate Cordyceps Militaris at scale to meet the demand for this potent functional mushroom.

The most common host for cordyceps is the caterpillar of the ghost moth. The fungus attacks the caterpillar while it is still alive and then continues to grow inside of it, eventually killing it. Once the caterpillar is dead, the cordyceps fungus will sprout from its head and release spores into the air in order to infect other caterpillars.

You must first create a nutrient broth for both jar and bin cultivation. The nutrient broth is used to moisten your brown rice, or “matrix,” which supports the mushroom mycelium’s growth. Brown rice and broth will grow Cordyceps.

Ingredients for nutrient broth:

  • 10 grams multivitamins (crushed)
  • 19 grams nutritional yeast or soy peptone
  • 11 grams kelp powder
  • 3.5 grams gypsum
  • 1 gallon coconut water
  • 10 grams tapioca starch
  • 5 grams magnesium sulfate

Combine dry ingredients: In a mixing basin, combine nutritional yeast or soy peptone, tapioca starch, magnesium sulfate, kelp powder, crushed nutrients, and gypsum. Then add coconut water and mix well. The broth can be kept for up to a week in the fridge.

Below is a video from our friends at North Spore that can outline the process in more detail:

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Updated 10/18/2022

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