When to Take Lion’s Mane | And Other Tips

When to Take Lion's Mane | And Other Tips

Lions Mane is a species of adaptogen mushroom, traditionally used in Chinese medicine and botanical remedies, because of its unique ability to support brain function. Western scientists and medical practitioners are beginning to explore the plants powers and their contributions in supporting cognitive function. You can get a deeper understanding of one such study by checking out our other content.

The benefits of mushrooms are also linked to general benefits for maintaining cognitive function; including attention, memory, mood, and stress levels. Lions Mane, as well as a few other adaptogenic mushrooms, contains beneficial antioxidants, beta-glucan contents, and nutrient benefits, supporting your immune system and digestive system. This article will look at best times to consume Lions Mane mushrooms in greater detail.

When To Take Lion’s Mane Mushroom

As mentioned, this mushroom is an adaptogen, meaning when consumed, as with most herbs and adaptogenic mushrooms, it will support and balance your body if taken regularly over time.

Our best advice, if you are wondering when to take lion’s mane is to give it a go yourself for a couple of days and notice how you feel. Does it make you more awake, alert, energetic? Or more tired, even drowsy. Although Lions Mane is considered to be best consumed in the early-morning product, some may choose to consume it at night, if it gives them more of a calming effect.

Functional mushrooms benefit your body more and more over time. So, do not get frustrated if you do not see results right away. Give it two weeks to get going and get comfortable with your body, creating a steady flow.

To get things started, you will want to get a Lion Mane anywhere from the morning to the early afternoon, to get the best results. Because of the link between lions mane and supporting cognitive functions, lions mane is commonly thought to provide energy and contribute to increasing productivity. It can sometimes help you feel more energetic and focused, akin to the effects of good cup of coffee. There is no exact limit on how much Lions Mane mushrooms you can take in a day, but generally you should stick between 1-4 grams per day.

Studies show that taking too much will show little or no negative effects — which is, again, fortunately, thanks to its adaptogenic properties. Intentions to use also contribute to how much you will need to take, and how many manes you might need to have in order to see any visible differences. For more on how much lions mane I should take, you may want to check out our other content, which goes into a bit more detail in the answer. To give you an overall idea, to support immune health and cognitive function, your average dose of lions mane might be around 1,000mg a day.

This helps eradicate any feeling of potential nausea (just as taking any form of supplement on an empty stomach is not ideal).

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