Does Lion’s Mane Mushroom Make You High?

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There is a lot of debate surrounding the topic of whether or not lion’s mane mushroom gets you high. Some people say that it definitely does, while others maintain that there is no psychoactive component to this type of mushroom. So, what is the truth? Does lion’s mane mushroom get you high? In this blog post, we will take a look at the evidence and see what we can determine. Stay tuned for more information!

Does lion’s mane get you high?

The short answer is no, lion’s mane does not make you high. For some people, there is a stimulatory effect since lion’s mane has been proven to improve cognitive function. Although you will not have hallucinatory experience, or any experience similar to taking a cannabinoid product.

Lion’s mane is an adaptogen, which helps your body maintain a state of homeostasis.

To describe my personal experience with the cognitive benefits of lion’s mane, imagine a mirror that has had dust on it after years of sitting in an attic. Now imagine you are trying to look at yourself through the mirror, and it’s broken up, cloudy image due to all the accumulated dust. Now after a good cleaning, you can see everything perfectly clear through the mirror.

Lion’s mane is like that cleaning for your brain. It’s by no means cleaning your brain physiologically, but as far as how it feels, it’s very similar. Thoughts, words, and mental clarity flow very well after taking lion’s mane. That’s why it’s used in so many nootropic products and formulations.

After taking Lion’s Mane, there are four things I notice

1. Improved Focus

My focus has improved a lot; I can sit down at the start of a workday and work through until lunchtime without opening a browser and procrastinating.

This Lion’s Mane nootropic is effective without the stimulating sensation that I have with other nootropics supplements, and I never have trouble sleeping after using it.

2. Improved Dictation

For my day job, producing technical reports appears to be a walk in the park; I can sit down and write words on paper almost immediately. It’s as if I don’t have to worry about how to phrase my ideas anymore, and they just appear on paper.

Furthermore, I think my communication skills have gotten better; I no longer come up with the ideal comeback after two hours of discussion. I’m capable of coming up with answers, jokes, and small talk on the fly.

3. Reduction in anxiety

I feel less anxious, and this is why my conversations flow more easily and when the conversation does not flow, I don’t notice or obsess about it.

My anxiety, on the other hand, is quite minor and only concerns little things like small talk or taking phone calls that I’m not anticipating. However, I do notice anxiolytic effects.

4. Improved Reading

My reading abilities have improved (obviously owing to better focus), but I really feel like absorbing the content, analyzing it, digesting what I’ve learned, and then putting it to use in real-world situations.

This might be linked to a decrease in anxiety and “brain fog,” but it may also be caused by the fact that it’s shown in the studies.

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Updated 10/6/2022

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