Does lion’s mane mushroom give you energy?

Does lion's mane mushroom give you energy? featured image

So Does Lion’s Mane Mushroom Give You Energy?

Yes, it does! Lion’s mane not only provides general cellular health benefits that help your body produce more energy, but it has been specifically found to decrease lactic acid and encourage the formation of glycogen, which is fuel for your muscles. If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your energy levels without any negative side effects, buying lion’s mane mushroom to add your diet is a great way to do it.

I personally like to take lion’s mane in the morning on an empty stomach about 15 minutes after I wake up. I’ll take it with the other functional mushrooms that I take, along with fish oil, vitamin d, and vitamin c.

I’ll sit down and meditate for 13 minutes, and then brew myself a cup of coffee. Once I sit down to start work, the lion’s mane has had time to start digesting and enter my system, and combine that with a cup of coffee, and the mental energy and clarity I have is incredible.

One of the most frequently mentioned advantages of lion’s mane is that it provides a consistent energy boost without the jitters found in other stimulants. In fact, our friends at four sigmatic have developed a mushroom coffee blend that includes lion’s mane to take advantage of the energy boost while avoiding the caffeine crash later.

There are several benefits of lion’s mane that have been discovered in regards to helping with energy. Antioxidants are present in lion’s mane, which help to promote general cellular health. The more antioxidants you have in your diet, the simpler it is for your body to produce energy because it makes energy transport easier between your cells.

Furthermore, lion’s mane has been found to decrease lactic acid in the blood, suggesting that it could help with fatigue after a lot of exercise. It also encourages the formation of more tissue glycogen, which helps to promote energy production.

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Updated 10/5/2022

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