Can You Freeze Lion’s Mane Mushroom?

Can You Freeze Lion's Mane Mushroom?

Lions Mane Mushroom is not as powerful as its name suggests. It is a delicious mushroom, but its texture is just as mild as its flavor, and that may be why you are wondering can you freeze lion’s mane mushrooms.

Unfortunately, that is a great question and one that is not easily answered. That is because the answer is one of those “yes, but” types of questions.

The Quick Answer:

Yes, you can freeze Lions Mane Mushrooms for about 12 months. There is one thing about freezing these mushrooms. You will need to make sure to parboil them first. Failing to do this will result in limp, limp, limp mushrooms that taste like they were froze. So, yes, you can freeze Lions Mane Mushrooms, but there are some caveats that you will want to know about before doing so.

What you cannot do is freeze them raw. Mushrooms are far too delicate, and it is very possible that they will turn into mushy messes. You do not have to worry, there is a way to get around that.

You can blanche your mushrooms prior to freezing, which gives them a much better chance to survive the freezing process. Blanching is a way to par-cook mushrooms without cooking them overly hot, and this really helps when you are trying to freeze certain vegetables and mushrooms, such as mushrooms.

How To Freeze Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

The process for freezing Lions Mane Mushrooms is not difficult, but takes some time.

Clean and Dry

Wash mushrooms well to remove all the dirt and debris. Let them dry out while you prep all the things needed to par boil. To blanch mushrooms, you will need a large baking pan filled with boiling water, a strainer, and some ice-cold water that has been prepared.

The ice water can either be a bowl of water that is been chilled in the refrigerator, or you can drop some ice into a bowl of water. Drop the mushrooms in the boiling water for 90 seconds, strain, then immerse them in ice water, then strain again. Allow your Lions Mane mushrooms to dry out. Once the mushrooms are dry and draining, then you can proceed with the freezing portion!.

Flash Freeze

For best results, there are a couple extra steps to take in order to make sure your mushrooms are not sticking too tightly in your freeze-safe bag. Put a piece of parchment paper on a sheet pan, then lay the Lions Mane mushrooms on the sheet pan, ensuring that they arenat touching. Put the tray in the freezer for about an hour, until the mushrooms are frozen. Once you are sure that the mushrooms are frozen, you can remove them from the freezer and transfer from the tray to the freezer bag.

Squeeze out any excess air so that you do not end up with that freezer burn flavor, and seal the bag tight. Label the bag with a date and contents, then put back in the freezer.

Tips on Freezing Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Blanch Them: If you do not blanch the mushrooms, Lions Mane Mushrooms have issues with their frozen texture. You simply have to simmer them for 60-90 seconds before freezing. Flash-freeze them — To prevent them sticking to each other, be sure to flash-freeze them spreading out onto a tray before packaging. Mix With Other Mushrooms – Do not be afraid to mix Lions Mane with other types of mushrooms, like Chanterelles, when packing your mushroom mixed bags.

How Long Can You Freeze Lion’s Mane Mushrooms?

The answer as to how long Lions Mane Mushrooms will keep frozen is a bit complicated as well. Technically, you can store mushrooms safely in your freezer up to twelve months, but you should aim to use them earlier than that, if possible. This is to make sure that you are getting the most flavourful mushrooms.

For the best results, you might not need to defrost your Lions Mane mushrooms at all when using them. If you are frying, or adding mushrooms to a recipe, you may be fine just putting them in when still frozen. If you really need to defrost your mushrooms instead, you can pop them into a bowl and let them defrost in the fridge for a couple hours.

Can You Refreeze Lion’s Mane Mushrooms?

We would not advise re-freezing Lions Mane Mushrooms. Once you have defrosted them, you will probably find they are slightly altered in texture, being more limp than they might be when they were fresh. If you try freezing them again, then there is no way the mushrooms will survive the process and will be edible anyway. On top of that, you are allowing germs to grow that can make you sick.

Do Lion’s Mane Mushrooms Freeze Well?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, mushrooms can be a little tricky to freeze. They are a delicate structure, and they contain high levels of water. This makes mushrooms a mushy texture, they may also sometimes become mildewy after being frozen. All this adds up to a food that does not freeze very well, and it is not likely that you will find that your frozen mushrooms are as good as if they were fresh. They do retain their flavors, though, so once you add them to your recipe, you shouldnat really notice the difference.

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