Adaptogenic Mushroom Powder

Adaptogenic Mushroom Powder

Having a good cup of coffee is usually an experience that many of us experience every day. And although this delicious drink often provides that rush of energy that we crave in the morning; we often fail to consider the nutrition that coffee has to offer. And that’s where adding adaptogenic mushroom powder can help.

Adding one simple component to your morning cup of coffee every day could help boost your health and contribute a number of healthy factors. But it is not just any ingredient that can provide this type of harmony; adaptogenic mushrooms are key. Notable for their usage in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and now becoming popular with many because of their superior health benefits, adaptogenic mushrooms are changing how people enjoy their morning cup of joe.

You might have run into the word “adaptogen” while researching functional mushrooms, and we explored all that you need to know about mushroom coffee. But, we are going to now look at how adding a fusion of adaptogenic mushroom powders into your coffee preparations could offer some incredible health benefits.

What is Adaptogenic Mushroom Powder?

Adaptogenic mushrooms offer incredible health benefits, helping to support your body’s ability to deal with stress. The word adaptogens originated in 1940 by USSR scientist N. Lazarev, describing naturally occurring herbs that can support the body. Adaptogens help to maintain homeostasis, and they may counteract negative physical effects to the body caused by external stresses. Many mushrooms have anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting properties, however, adaptogenic mushrooms are specifically designed for their stress-reducing properties. Here’s a list of the most common mushrooms associated as adaptogenic mushrooms:

Cordyceps: Improves your bodies ability to absorb oxygen and improves endurance and reduces fatigue.

Chaga: Strengthens your immune system, reduces inflammation, and antioxidant support.

Reishi: Relieves anxiousness and provides immune support.

Shiitake: Improves oral health and helps detoxify the body.

Maitake: Support healthy blood sugar levels to reduce insulin resistance. Plus immune support!

By adding adaptogenic mushroom powder to your morning cup of joe, you can reap many health benefits.

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Benefits of Adaptogenic Mushroom Powder in Coffee

Adaptogens are best consumed on a consistent basis. This allows the body to slowly absorb the nutrients over time, which allows the best results. The adaptogenic mushrooms that you will add into coffee, in this case, are mushrooms that have been dehydrated and ground down to powder. This process makes it easy to consume the useful nutrients from each species of mushroom, since powders can easily be added into coffee, smoothies, and other recipes. Let us look at the six main benefits of adding adaptogenic mushroom powders into your coffee.

1. Adapt to Stress

As discussed earlier, adaptogens are mostly known for their ability to help your body cope with stress. When adaptogenic mushrooms like Reishi, for instance, are added to coffee, they may offer several attributes. Studies show that taking reishi may curb anxiety, regain balance, and help with sleep quality.

2. Strengthen Immune System

Functional mushrooms have compounds that are immunologically supportive. Mushrooms, generally, contain b-glucans and prebiotics. Beta-glucans help to activate and strengthen your immune system, while prebiotics support your intestinal and brain health, providing a holistic wellness boost.

3. Increased Energy Levels

Coffee contains caffeine which helps in increasing the energy levels. By adding adaptogenic mushrooms to coffee, you are taking advantage of the caffeine, but also of a species of mushrooms that support energy levels naturally.

4. Improve Sleep Quality

Severe stress may result in worrying health risks. Adaptogenic mushrooms may help to decrease anxiety. With a relaxed mind, the quality of sleep may be improved.

5. Memory Support

Adaptogenic mushrooms may support neural growth and function. This helps to enhance focus and memory.

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6. Anti-Inflammation Benefits

When you add chaga to coffee, the species boosts the growth of white blood cells, which helps fight off bacteria and viruses. Animal studies also concluded that chaga prevents the production of harmful cytokines, which may damage healthy tissues, leading to inflammation.

Use A Adaptogenic Mushroom Coffee Blend

Adding adaptogenic mushroom powders into morning cups may offer several benefits.

But, when combined with coffee in a ready-to-drink, potent drink, adaptogenic mushroom coffee, you get an easy, natural way to support your body’s needs. The mushroom coffee blends we showcase on this website are carefully created from robust, rich, 100 percent arabica beans harvested from Papua New Guinea. The blends contain more mushrooms per serving than other brands of mushroom coffee, and are made up of species of mushrooms which provide adaptogenic benefits for promoting energy and focus.

If you are not a heavy coffee drinker, but want to try out the adaptogenic benefits of mushrooms, you may want to try a blend of coffee lattes, which are combined with organic Lions Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, and Chaga Superfood Mushrooms, along with Astragalus to support energy and vibrant health. This delicious, potent beverage is combined with organic lions mane, reishi, chaga, and turkey tail superfood mushrooms, and ashwagandha for focus and vibrant health.

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