Chaga Mushrooms and Fertility

Chaga Mushrooms and Fertility

Things seemed to be in the vogue amongst my circle of herb friends, and I would sometimes jump on a bandwagon, while at other times, I might just sit and think, That is not for me! When I kept hearing the words chaga and medicinal mushrooms, I cringed internally. I did not want anything to do with drinking a few mushrooms, even though they were supposed to be healthy. I could hardly stomach mushrooms on my pizza. However, after a few friends asked specifically if I had tried this for my hashimoto’s, my interest was piqued, and I went to Google.

Well, would you know, Chaga is not a goopy, disgusting mushroom. Chaga is actually more like a woody substance, and it can be ground up to make a rich, coffee-like beverage.

I love coffee, so I thought, Maybe I could really give fungi tea/coffee a shot. And my friends were right.

Chaga really does have some coffee-like flavors… Add a little raw butter and maple syrup, and it is absolutely delicious. More surprising than the flavor are the medicinal properties.

Along with being an excellent immunity booster, helping prevent flus and colds from taking hold, chaga also helps keep your immune system functioning correctly. Chaga has been highly promoted for having anti-cancer properties and helping to prevent cancers. It has been used for centuries by other countries as a strengthening daily tonic.

Inflammation is a common issue with many diseases and ailments. Chaga is a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory fungi.

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Does Chaga Mushroom Help With Fertility?

At this time there is no direct research that shows chaga mushroom has any effect on fertility, positive of negative.

Since chaga is one of the strongest adaptogens with the highest measurable antioxidant levels of any substance in the world, it could be beneficial to your overall health, which could then lead to improved fertility. But you should always consult with your doctor when attempting to improve your fertility so they can help you determine whether you should be patient and keep trying, or if there is something more serious going on.

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