Does Chaga Mushroom Strengthen Your Immune System?

Does Chaga Mushroom Strengthen Your Immune System?

A healthy immune system allows your body to fight medical conditions that are common, like the common cold, or serious, like heart disease. Doctors and health experts encourage patients to live healthier lives over years in order to build up their immune systems strength. In the past few years, these exhortations have been made with more focus on eating more organic foods in order to maintain a good body.

Chaga mushrooms have become a staple in the health and wellness industries as a natural, organic food that has potential health benefits. Chaga mushrooms are packed with natural vitamins and minerals which enhance both mental and physical health, taking steps towards improving overall body immunity strength and integrity.

You might ask how, exactly, Chaga mushrooms impact your immune system, and which conditions or diseases might Chaga powder help to prevent. That is exactly what we are going to answer.

Is Chaga Mushroom Good for Your Immune System?

Yes, chaga mushroom has been shown to be good for your immune system. A study conducted on mice showed immune system strengthening benefits. To this day, no human clinical trials involving chaga mushrooms or mushroom powder exist. While human trials for lions mane mushrooms, which are similar to, yet distinct from, chaga mushrooms, these same human trials have yet to take place for chaga. But the studies we do have show there is great benefit to the immune system when supplementing chaga mushrooms.

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That is not to say that clinical trials on chagas benefits are nonexistent. There are plenty of studies, both in vitro and animal, that help medical experts understand chaga mushrooms main benefits.

For instance, a group of scientists in Japan administered chaga as a form of therapy to mice suffering from a particular kind of lung cancer known as Lewis lung cancer. The doctors measured the effects on the mice as they received 6 mg of chaga daily for 3 weeks of their test. The results showed 60% less tumor growth in mice that had a cancerous tumor, 25% less nodules in mice that had a metastatic tumor.

Interestingly, the study also showed a promising effect on the immune system inside mice. Body temperature increased in older mice due to chaga dosing, whereas the temperature was maintained in mice implanted with tumours after the trials. Elevated or maintained body temperature helps to promote immune function, suggesting chaga may have a beneficial effect on an individuals entire immune system.

How to Supplement Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga has roots in the cold, northern climates. Chaga mushrooms are grown on a particular species of Birch Trees in places such as Northern Canada, Russia, and Scandinavian countries of Europe. The mushrooms are unevenly shaped, which you can tell from their strong resemblance to burning charcoal at the top. When ground to a fine powder, the abundant vitamins and nutrients contained in the chaga mushrooms can be added to a warm drink or made into tea to make it easier to consume. The mushrooms can be manually milled at home, or you can buy chaga powder in a pre-packaged form from certified vendors.

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Once it arrives, you can mix the powder in warm tea or coffee, and you can start making chaga a regular part of your diet. Before making chaga a regular routine, discuss your plans first with your primary care physician. Medicinal experts think that chaga does not have significant side effects, but it may interact with any medications that you might be taking for other purposes. Your physician will be able to distinguish between the two, and will suggest the ideal dose that you can take regularly.

What Does Chaga Do To Your Body in Conclusion

A healthy immune system allows individuals to lead full, worthwhile lives. A healthy body also promotes a healthy mind, reducing the chances of developing mental health conditions such as social anxiety or clinical depression.

Natural remedies extracted from chaga help the body keep its immune system healthy, without any major health side effects. Regular doses of chaga help the body heal from injuries, keep temperatures up, and encourage a more active lifestyle, which allows individuals to experience life at its fullest.

Remember to talk with your physician before making chaga powder a part of your routine. You want to be sure any chaga dosages do not interfere with medications you might be taking for other conditions.

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