Turkey Tail Mushroom Tea | Our Favorite Recipe and How to Make It

Turkey Tail Mushroom Tea | Our Favorite Recipe and How to Make It

Loose leaf tea drinkers realize the importance of high-quality tea, which is usually the reason why they choose to use loose leaf rather than teabags. But although the process of measuring, steeping, and straining a loose leaf can be relaxing, even ritualistic, there are times when even tea connoisseurs have to prioritise convenience.

This is particularly the case when tea has potential health benefits, and drinking daily is essential to reaping the best results. It is possible to enjoy Turkey Tail Mushroom Tea, with all of its benefits, with convenient preparations that are easy to fit into your routine. Recipes incorporating turkey tail mushroom powder are easy, foolproof alternatives to steeping a raw tea. And this simpler option provides potential immune-supporting nutritional and health benefits that are sustained.

What is Turkey Tail Mushroom Tea Made With?

Earthy, slightly bitter, turkey tail mushroom tea is traditionally made by steeping a dried turkey tail mushroom in hot water. This heating process softens and breaks down the mushrooms cell walls, making the useful adaptogens, such as beta-glucans and antioxidants, more bioavailable to our bodies. But steeping the loose mushrooms is not the only way to brew a turkey-tail tea. You can get a similar effect by mixing a high-quality powdered turkey tail mushrooms into warm water.

Unlike loose mushrooms, you do not need any waiting period before you are ready to consume turkey tail tea made from mushroom powder. In fact, quality turkey tail mushroom powder has already gone through the heating activation process, which increases bioavailability. Then, milling takes the breakdown of cell walls to a different level, and greatly increases the mushroom powders surface area to be digested by our bodies. Therefore, you do not need to subject a turkey tail or other functional mushroom powder to a certain temperature or over a proper period of time in order to trigger potential health benefits.

Mushroom powders allow you to easily supplement recommended doses of turkey tail mushrooms. Plus, using whole-food mushroom powder gives you added benefits, such as prebiotic fiber, as well as other vitamins and minerals that you might not get from an extract. By including these nutrients in your daily health routine through a Turkey Tail Mushroom Tea, you may be supporting the immune health of your body as well as maintaining your overall health and vitality.

How to Make Turkey Tail Mushroom Tea

Conveniently include nutrients from turkey tail powder (or other functional mushroom) in teas using two simple steeping methods.

Ingredients for a Turkey Tail Mushroom Tea Recipe

  1. 1 cup of hot water or dairy or nut milk per serving
  2. 2 grams of turkey tail mushroom powder
  3. Lemon for improving taste
  4. Ginger for taste
  5. Cinnamon for taste
  6. Honey for taste

Other ways to make turkey tail mushroom tea

Using a teapot, kettle, or saucepan, bring water to a boil. Add turkey tail mushroom powder to a tea infuser and place in the hot water or stir directly into the water. Allow the tea to steep for at least five minutes (or more for a bolder flavor). Pour the mixture into a mug and enjoy!

Directions to brew turkey tail mushroom tea with a french press:

Using your kettle, or pot, bring the water to the boil.

Add 2 grams of mushroom tea blend to the bottom of the French Press for each serving.

For example, if your French press serves six cups, add just enough of the mixture to account for the number of cups brewed.

Pour in just enough warm water to cover the dried mushroom mixture, then stir. Allow tea to steep in a French Press for at least five minutes.

Then, add the rest of the boiling water over the mix. Blend it thoroughly, then add a cover to seal your French Press, and after several minutes of extra steeping, slowly drop the plunger. Pour the mixture into your cup and enjoy!

Make Functional Mushroom Powder Tea a Staple in Your Diet

With a conveniently measured serving of Functional Mushrooms as a pre-made powder, you do not need to use a coffee grinder, strainer, or be concerned with inaccurate measurements from loose mushrooms chunks. You can just drop a mix into warm water or milk and steep. Add some extra flavor to the tea by making a Matcha Latte or pre-mixed blend, either hot or cold, or by infusing it with fruit.

Warm, flavorful broths are another affordable way to reap the benefits of functional mushrooms.

In every serving, a superior, organic powdered mushroom provides a recommended dose of functional mushrooms that support the body’s natural immune functions. If you are a beginner to consuming functional mushrooms, your body may need up to three weeks before experiencing the health benefits. It is recommended for first-time users to double their recommended dose of two grams a day during their first three weeks, because many supplements are bioreactive and take time to be absorbed by the body. Turkey Tail Mushroom Tea and other functional mushroom powder-based teas are an easy, tasty way to enjoy potential benefits supporting the natural functions of your body.

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