Lion’s Mane Extract vs Powder? What You Should Know

Lion's Mane Extract vs Powder? What You Should Know

The amazing health benefits and properties of lion’s mane mushrooms are only beginning to be understood by science. But which is a better way to get those benefits, using a powder, or extract? We have put two of the primary ways of consuming lion’s mane up against each other, and here’s what we found regarding lion’s mane extract vs powder.

Lion’s Mane Extract Vs. Powder: Which Option is Best?

When it comes to lion’s mane supplements, it may be hard to decide between extracts or powders. Each has its own pros and cons. Lion’s mane extract is more concentrated, which may benefit you if you are looking to prevent or fight symptoms of an advanced disease.

A powder is generally cheaper and easier to incorporate into a diet, but it may have a strong flavor, or the texture may feel a bit strange if you have not used powdered supplements before. You could try both and stick with which you like, mix the two together, or opt for foods enriched with lion’s mane extracts, since these offer the potency of an extract without the mushroom taste.

Either way, you should experiment with both and choose which one is best for you. The liquid extracts are quick and easy to use. You can add a drop to your morning coffee or straight into your mouth under your tongue. Or you can choose powders that you can add to smoothies or other meals to consume lion’s mane that way.

So Which is Better, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder or Extract?

Lion’s mane tincture’s are definitely more potent, and offer more of the beneficial compounds in lion’s mane than powders, and they also absorb into the body faster. So in regards to which form of lion’s mane can provide you with the beneficial compounds the fastest, that would be lion’s mane extract. 

You can find our favorite tincture and powder lion’s mane products on our pages about each specific product outlined here:

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Lion’s Mane Extract Uses

Lion’s mane mushroom extract is generally more powerful than the powdered mushrooms. Because of their potency, fungus extracts are frequently used in scientific studies of lion’s mane mushrooms potential health benefits. Commercially available products that contain lion’s mane extract may be either alcohol-based (ethanolic extract) or water-based (aqueous extract). They are used for maintaining general mental and physical health, as well as for preventing a variety of diseases. You can also get a daily dose of Hericium erinaceus extract through foods that are enriched with this mushroom as well.

You can add drops from a tincture to whatever foods or drinks you like, or just consume it by itself by placing a drop under your tongue.

Lion’s Mane Extract Side Effects

The higher potency of lion’s mane extract can lead to stomach issues if you are not used to taking the functional mushrooms. If you experience bloating or diarrhea, use lower doses until your body adjusts to lions manes effects.

Lion’s Mane Extract Dosage

Lion’s mane extracts range in strength depending on brand. Therefore, following recommended dosing from the brand is important when taking an extract. If you don’t see an effect in a couple of weeks, you may want to up your dose slightly until you find something that works.

Lion’s Mane Powder Uses and Benefits

Lion’s mane powder is made of dried mushrooms. You can consume it as powder, adding to your cocktail mixes and smoothies, making tea, or mixing with water. Lion’s mane supplements, like capsules and fungus coffee, typically use the fungus powder. Taking a supplement or powdered lion’s mane mushrooms may lower symptoms of a number of conditions, such as Alzheimers, diabetes, anxiety, and depression.

You can supplement your diet with lion’s mane powder in a hot beverage like coffee or tea, or you can mix it into your smoothie. You can also add powder into baked goods or meals, such as pastas and risottos. If you are taking a fungus supplement in capsule form, just swallow lion’s mane capsules along with a bit of water and any other vitamins and adaptogens that you might be taking.

Lion’s Mane Powder Side Effects

Mushroom powder is made of dried, ground-up mushrooms. So, if you are not into mushrooms, then it might be difficult to incorporate the powdered form of lion’s mane into your diet. Hericium erinaceus powder is also less powerful than the tincture form, so you need to take higher doses to get the full range of health benefits.

If you are not used to adaptogens, you might feel a bit uncomfortable in your stomach for the first few days when using lions mane powder. This side effect should go away in just a couple of days, and is very rare to begin with.

Lion’s Mane Powder Dosage

If taking a powder by itself, follow dosing recommendations provided by the manufacturer. You may want to add more to your dose in a couple of weeks. Similarly, if you are taking lion’s mane mushroom capsules, then follow the recommendations provided by the brand that you are taking it from, because capsules can vary in strength depending on the brand.

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