Reishi Mushroom For Cats | What You Should Know

Reishi Mushroom For Cats | What You Should Know

A Healthy cat diet requires a lot more than just one scoop of dry food. Any cat will benefit from ingesting daily supplements to support his or her overall health. But, with so many supplements on the market, it can get hard to figure out what is best for your cat. There is one herb that may provide a whole-body defense, and it is reishi mushrooms. Check out the myriad ways that taking reishi mushroom for cats as a supplement can help your cat stay in shape.

Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms for Cats

Every cat has something to gain from the Reishi Mushroom. This healthy fungus has a wide array of nutrients which may combat most of the common ailments of cats. Here are a few of the ways that Reishi mushrooms may improve the health of your cat.

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Cognitive Function: Reishi mushrooms are known for their brain-protective properties. While cognitive decline is a part of the natural process of aging, this medicine-grade mushroom may keep neurons in tact in later stages of life. They are packed with antioxidants, which protect against the breakdown of brain cells.

A daily mushroom supplement is important for older cats, keeping their minds sharp and warding off degenerative diseases.

Joint Mobility: One of the greatest superpowers of reishi is its ability to decrease inflammation. Reishi has anti-inflammatory properties throughout the entire body, including joints and their connective tissues. This mushroom is particularly helpful to older cats, cats who are overweight, or cats who live active lives.

All of these factors raise the pets risk of arthritis and other degenerative joint diseases. Reishi mushrooms protect joints by minimizing pain and swelling. They increase mobility in joints and strengthen connective tissues, reducing injury risks.

Allergies: Reishi mushrooms are effective at treating allergic symptoms and an overactive immune response in cats.

The anti-inflammatory properties of reishi mushrooms minimize chronic symptoms like skin problems, watery eyes, and congestion. Two types of acids, ganoderic acid and oleic acid, decrease the levels of histamines in your bloodstream. Histamines are immune cells that cause allergic reactions. The antihistamine properties of mushrooms target the root cause of the problem, by modulating the immune system.

Cancer Support: One key nutrient to combating cancer is beta-glucan. Reishi mushrooms are packed with this sugar, supporting the immune health of your pets. Beta Glucan boosts your immune system enough to help your body fight cancerous growths.

In fact, reishi mushrooms may even shrink tumors in cancer patients! The mushrooms have other benefits related to cancer, like the reduction of chemotherapy-related side effects.

Detoxification Process: The liver is the main organ that filters out toxins from the body. When the cat is overloaded with too many toxins, the liver is not doing its job well.

Antioxidants found in reishi mushrooms protect liver cells from damage by getting rid of free radicals. A healthy liver may speed up the detoxification process. Reishi may even reverse fibrosis in the liver, a feat that is not yet seen in mainstream medicine.

Diabetes Support: Reishi mushrooms supplements are playing a critical role in the health of diabetic cats. They lower blood sugar levels, keeping blood glucose levels healthy. Reishi may also treat secondary diseases resulting from diabetes.

For instance, diabetic cats tend to have slower healing rates of wounds. The polysaccharides in this mushroom help in cell regeneration, so your cat may recover more rapidly after injuries.

Cardiovascular Health: Reishi mushrooms provide a number of benefits to the health of your cats heart. The mushroom is a vasodilator, meaning that it opens up your blood vessels, increasing circulation. Vasodilators keep your heart from working too hard, which allows it to more easily deliver oxygen and nutrients to your body’s cells. Reishi may also reduce blood pressure, regulate the heartbeat, and minimize the buildup of fat in the arteries.

Give reishi mushrooms with caution

Always talk with a veterinarian before adding supplements to a cats diet. Reishi mushrooms are usually safe, but it is important to know how they may interact with some medications. For instance, cats taking blood thinners should avoid eating reishi mushrooms, as the two substances may produce anti-clotting effects. Cat parents also should not mix reishi mushrooms with their blood pressure medications.

Reishi mushrooms rarely produce any adverse effects in cats. If symptoms occur, they are generally not something to be concerned with. A small number of cat parents reported minor digestive discomfort, such as vomiting or diarrhea. Gradually adding reishi into the cats diet is the best way to avoid these side effects.

Consult with your veterinarian to find out the correct dosage so you do not overuse the supplement. So many health benefits packed into one mushroom. From allergies to treating cancer, the reishi mushroom is an all-around tonic that may keep your cat safe from most common health problems. This mushroom does not just treat diseases: It can prevent, and perhaps even reverse, conditions that are endangering your cats life.

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Updated 10/21/2022

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