How Does Lion’s Mane Make You Feel?

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Most people who have taken Lion’s Mane or even just heard about it will tell you that it makes them feel good in a very specific way. How does this happen? How can one single mushroom, especially one as unassuming and simple looking as the Lion’s Mane make us feel so good? Let’s dig into some of the research to understand what is going on in this lion’s mane review.

Lion’s Mane promotes Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) signaling pathways in the brain at its most basic level. How does this happen and why is it so important? When we are young, we produce a lot of NGF because it helps us grow and develop. As adults, however, our levels of NGF drop off. This is one of the reasons why we start to lose muscle mass and our cognitive abilities decline as we age. Lion’s Mane aids in the maintenance of these pathways, allowing us to continue producing NGF into old age.

This improved signaling is responsible for many of the benefits associated with Lion’s Mane including improved cognitive function, reduced depression and anxiety. How does this work? How can one mushroom be responsible for all of these benefits? The answer is in NGF’s ability to promote both neuron and muscular cell growth and development. By promoting neural growth we see improvements in our mood as well as enhanced brain health. At the same time, Lion’s Mane also supports the growth of muscle cells, leading to increased strength and endurance.

So, How Does Lion’s Mane Make You Feel? To put it another way, it makes you feel nice both physically and mentally. It helps keep you young and healthy both physically and mentally by promoting the growth and development of neurons and muscle cells, respectively.

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