Chaga Mushroom Spiritual Benefits | Open Your Third Eye

Chaga Mushroom Spiritual Benefits | Open Your Third Eye

The Spiritual Benefits of Chaga Mushroom

We are here to point out the incredible spiritual benefits of chaga (Innonotus obliqqus) for the opening and clearing of your third eye, or the Ajna Chakra. This chakra is connected to a central portion of the brain, and it can be trained like any other muscle using yoga, mind agility challenges, and meditation. To begin, explaining the benefits of various substances for chakra energy means nothing unless you already have been practicing visualizing and/or connecting with your 7 chakra zones.

To begin, Imagine you are floating through the vast vacuum of space and time. A blank slate for being, as it were.

Next, do an in-body scan, feeling energy flowing in the veins. Flex your fingers and toes, moving your arms in small circles. Rub your hands together, then bring them apart, feeling energy in the space between your palms.

Now that you have checked in with your body, and are familiar with the range of it, visualize your 7 chakra zones as shown on the diagram above.

Focus on the third eye chakra, a persons gaze to the collective wisdom of the Universe and beyond. If you feel called to investigate and activate your own metaphysical powers, hone in on your third eye chakra. Not only can you enhance your mental focus and acuity simply by strengthening this region of your body, but some substances, like chaga mushroom, may assist with opening the third eye while you are consuming them.

Have you ever read of how fluoride can calcify the pineal gland. There actually might be some truth in chemicals that either aid or interfere with the body’s natural chemical processes. Let us dive a little bit more deeply into the understanding of your pineal gland for a minute. How does it connect with the Ajna Chakra?

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The pineal gland is a tiny, grain-sized organ located in the epithalamus (center of the brain) that is responsible for producing serotonin and melanin, the two most touted “happy chemicals” ever studied by scientists. These chemicals are responsible for regulating sleep, forming creative ideas, and feeling happy overall.

Benefits of Melanin from Chaga for Opening Your Third Eye

Melanin is a direct analog of melatonin, a neurotransmitter that keeps your REM cycle running, as well as your biological rhythms, within your body. This chemical may boost dream-like sleep, as well as supporting healthy aging and a healthy immune system. Melanin is converted into melatonin upon ingest, it also produces the pigmentation of the human eyes and skin, and it may support healthy stress management.

So what is the big deal about all this? Chaga contains lots of melanin. In fact, according to all known scientific knowledge, chaga has the highest levels of melanin found in nature known to human beings.

Melanin may help to decalcify the pineal gland and maintain proper brain functioning. When eaten, melanin is converted to melatonin. In addition to Chaga’s many benefits, its high levels of melatonin enable it to be used by us as a component of a better overall health regimen.

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Consider this information as you research the best mushroom products to incorporate in your life. Things like chaga tea or tincture appear to be the best recommendations when working with Ajna Chakra.

You can find our favorite capsules, powders, and tincture’s on the following pages of our website and learn more about each individually:

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