Chaga Mushroom for Sleep

Chaga Mushroom for Sleep

Do you have trouble getting consistent, high-quality sleep? With 50 million Americans suffering from at least one of 80 different types of sleep disorders, new, non-addictive solutions are needed to tackle this chronic problem. Medicinal chaga mushroom supplements may provide an effective and safe replacement to tranquilizers or sleeping pills in the evening, and those same chaga mushrooms also provide a variety of other benefits to health as a bonus.

With busy lifestyles and endless lists of things to do, it is harder than ever to completely recharge our batteries. Even with the best intentions of getting in bed at a decent time, you may end up staying up longer than you intended. Or, worse, find yourself lying there, wide-eyed, and unable to sleep, even when exhausted. Once asleep, staying asleep or falling into that deep, restful sleep that is necessary for our brains and bodies to function optimally can be challenging.

So Does Chaga Help With Sleep?

So, what does research say about chaga and sleepiness. Unfortunately, there is not much science behind the topic of causing sleepiness.

However, there are a few studies out there suggesting chaga tea may be helpful in improving your sleep quality. One study found that Chaga tea increased slow wave sleep volume of participants.

Slow-wave sleep is the deepest phase of sleep, which is essential to recovery and physical healing. The study also found Chaga tea improved participants sleep overall.

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Another study looked at the effects of Chaga extracts on sleep in rats. The study found the extract increased time spent in slow-wave sleep. Rats also showed reduced anxiety-related behaviors after receiving Chaga extract.

While these studies are promising, further studies are needed to validate Chagas effects on sleep. Until then, if you are looking for a natural way to boost sleep quality, chaga tea might be worth trying.

Compounds in Chaga That Aid Sleep

Chaga mushrooms contain many active compounds which aid sleep, as well as providing an array of powerful health benefits.

Beta-D-Glucans (polysaccharides) are long-chain carbohydrates, which are among the most active compounds in mushrooms, which enhances immune function.

Triterpenoids – One of the most useful compounds in reishi and chaga alike.

Polyphenols9 – Antioxidants found within the fruiting bodies that decrease the free radical damage.

Ergosterols – Have anti-oxidant and immune modulating properties.

Ergothioneine – An antioxidant, which helps to decrease stress effects.

Glutathione – Antioxidant that reduces the effects of oxidative stress.

To reap the benefits of these compounds, make sure to buy only the highest-quality chaga mushrooms.

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The adaptogenic properties of mushrooms supplements make them a sought-after commodity by anyone with health consciousness or looking for natural remedies to common ailments. Adaptogens help to keep the body in a balanced state, encouraging both physical and mental homeostasis (specifically, the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal-axis). They also work to ease stress and maintain cortisol production. Because of this, studies have found that adaptogens work as sleep aids.

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