Cordyceps for Anxiety | Does It Work?

Cordyceps for Anxiety | Does It Work?

Could this medicinal mushroom help you to feel better, or perform better in general? Cordyceps has been found to help build lean muscles, it is great for energy and stamina, so you could replace your coffee with this one for an energy boost that does not burn up your adrenals. It is also a stress reliever!

Cordyceps for Anxiety

This incredible healing mushroom has also been found to help relieve stress and decrease feelings of anxiety.

Cordyceps is an adaptogen, meaning that it can support your body and help it to adapt to stress, whether that is mental or physical. It stimulates your adrenal glands and helps to regulate the nervous system, which is a system that becomes overstimulated when you are under chronic stress.

This was demonstrated by a double-blind study which found Cordyceps acts as an endocrine regulator. It follows that using this mushroom may help to normalize physiological effects of stress and anxiety on the thyroid as well as on other endocrine glands, such as the adrenal glands and the pituitary.

This means it may help you feel more at ease and able to not feel overwhelmed by stressors you encounter throughout the day.


A recent pilot study found cordyceps was capable of decreasing pain, improving levels of physical activity, and increasing energy for arthritis patients.

Arthritis is incredibly common, and it affects about 10 million people in the United Kingdom. It causes inflammation and pain in joints, and it does not just affect older people.

This study followed up people who had knee arthritis, taking cordyceps for 3 months as part of a fungus cocktail. At the end of 3 months, the pain was reduced by 23.4%, mobility was improved, and stiffness was reduced, in addition to 20% less pain.

Heart Health

The medicinal mushrooms, including the muscaria, contain beta-glucans, which are useful sugars called polysaccharides/which are complex carbohydrates found in nature in mushrooms. Beta-glucans are a source of soluble fiber, and they have been shown in research studies to lower cholesterol levels.

Even better, cordyceps has been found to improve heart arrhythmias, and is even recommended in China as a heart arrhythmia treatment.

Is Cordyceps An Aphrodisiac?

Revered for more than 1,000 years in Asia as a sexual tonic, cordyceps was first recorded as an aphrodisiac in the fifteenth century. Because of its ability to increase energy levels and physical endurance, it has been suggested that cordyceps may serve as a kind of natural Viagra.

However, the studies so far only involved mice, but have been promising, and have suggested that this miracle mushroom may be used to enhance a persons sexual life.

Boost performance: Cordyceps may increase energy and decrease recovery time.

Cordyceps increases our production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a coenzyme used for transporting energy in our cells. Every cell in your body uses ATP to generate energy, so it is, as you might guess, essential for our everyday lives. Studies found that taking cordyceps sinensis for 3 weeks, the adenosine it produces could boost your endurance against fatigue by 73%. This is very important for anybody who does any kind of exercise or something that may require a lot more energy from the body.

Another study found cordyceps improved exercise performance in people aged 18 to 26. Participants were given a fungus cocktail that contained cordyceps, or a placebo, and three weeks later, those taking the fungus cocktail showed an improvement in resistance to high-intensity exercise, while those taking the placebo did not demonstrate significant differences. Further studies found similar positive effects in older adults.

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