Maitake Mushroom Dosage for Cancer

Maitake Mushroom Dosage for Cancer

Maitake Mushrooms have somewhat of a dual personality. On the one hand, the exquisite fruiting bodies of these rippling, “dancing,” edible mushrooms are sought after for their woodsy flavors and low-calorie nutritional profile.

On the other, Maitake is a potent superfood. When dried and powdered, it is a staple of Eastern medicine. Either way, maitakes unique attributes could have benefits for you.

If you are interested in the culinary potential of the Maitake, otherwise known as “the King of Mushrooms,” you can sometimes find them in specialty grocers produce sections. But if you are looking for the health support that this functional mushroom offers, high-quality supplements are available to deliver a dose of maitake recommended by health experts.

To learn more about Grifola frondosa, as the fungus maitake is known by its scientific nomenclature, consider these answers to commonly asked questions about this versatile fungus. They detail its potential health benefits and help you figure out how to include maitake into your everyday health regimen.

Frequently Asked Questions and What Is the Recommended Maitake Dosage

In the wild, Maitake can be found growing on stumps and roots of trees throughout eastern North America, Europe, and Asia. Fortunately for those seeking dependable access to high-quality products made from maitake, it is now successfully grown at home on indoor farms.

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this remarkable mushroom.

What is the most effective maitake mushroom dosage for cancer?

The recommended daily amount of Maitake is 2000 mg (2 grams) or approximately one teaspoonful of the powdered whole food mushrooms. At this dosage of maitake, a product that contains 20% beta-glucan would deliver 400mg of the immune-supporting polysaccharide. This amount is enough to support the immune responses that are mediated by the host, which helps enhance and balance immune functions.

Always speak with your doctor before taking maitake mushrooms when you’re in ongoing cancer treatment. They can guide you on what the appropriate dosage may be, or if you should even supplement maitake mushrooms. ALWAYS follow the instructions and guidance of your doctor.

What nutrients does maitake provide?

Maitake provides a virtually fat-free source of essential amino acids and B vitamins. Among its complex carbohydrates is beta-glucan, which is known for supporting a healthy immune system. Trace minerals, zinc and copper, offer extra immune support, and selenium adds antioxidant power.

How to incorporate maitake into my daily routine?

You can include a whole-food Maitake in your routine with certified, organic mushrooms supplements, powders, drink mixes, and broths. The power of maitake powder is also available in convenient capsules, which offer a fast, portable way to include this superfood.

How long will it take to see results from Maitake Mushrooms?

If you are a first-time user of the Maitake supplement, it may take around three weeks of daily usage for the benefits to become established. To help your body absorb the powder more quickly, you might want to double the recommended maitake dose of 2,000 mg in the early weeks, before you settle on a consistent, single dose per day.

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