Cordyceps for Weight Loss | Does It Work?

Cordyceps for Weight Loss | Does It Work?

Cordyceps Militarisis A mushroom that has a lot of health benefits. The fungus grows widely in countries such as Nepal, Tibet, and China. The Chinese have believed in Cordyceps Militaris powers for a few centuries. However, this wonder herb did not enter mainstream markets until early 1990s.

Researcher Dr. Georges Halpern introduced the herb, Cordyceps Militaris, to the Western world. He has written numerous books, articles, and blogs on this miracle mushroom. Most of his studies revolve around the hands-on aid that cordyceps provides when it comes to losing weight! Halpern says that this mushroom helps burn off a few extra calories.

Basic Facts about Cordyceps

Those looking to shed a little weight are going to find it very interesting to know more about the link between cordyceps and weight loss. However, you need to know a few basics before reading up on the herbs properties.

Cordyceps is also known as Caterpillar Fungus. The herb gets it is name because of where it is found! The herb is obtained by larvae of a caterpillar. The mushrooms will not grow under normal conditions. It needs at least 11,500 meters in height! So it can be pretty tough to find it in nature. Which is why the price of cordyceps militaris, the naturally occuring species, is so much more expensive that cordycep sinensis, the cultivated species usually used in supplements. Although cordyceps sinensis is actually a more potent form of cordyceps in regards to the nutrients and effects that most people are looking for.

Cordyceps For Weight Loss

The caterpillar fungus burned calories like no other, says Dr. George. When an individual eats heavy meals, it takes some time for the body to digest and store the energy from the meal. When the body starts storing more calories, you become bigger and fatter. The extra energy from food is stored as body fat.

Cordyceps stimulates growth in muscles. As a result, it maximizes the rate of fat burning. Of course, when fat is burned, you are going to lose weight!

Here is a study that outlines how cordyceps reduces weight through regulating the microbiome.

At the moment, our lives have taken on a very sedentary shape. Owing to poor lifestyle habits and a lack of physical activity, excess weight has become a norm. But gaining too much weight causes many problems to your body. It adversely affects the function of different organs, reduces the immunity levels in the body, impacts the sexual drive, and leads to chronic fatigue. Therefore, to get back control of the way you live, it is essential that you get back control over the weight.

And cordyceps can really help you with this. Cordyceps is a form of fungus found in China and Tibet. It looks stringy and dried up, and was used extensively in eastern traditional medicine before becoming popular in the western world too. This mushroom has many beneficial properties and helps to increase the immunity.

One of the major benefits of this fungus is it helps in increasing metabolic rates of the body. This is the reason it is often recommended to those who are suffering fatigue or lack energy. But increased metabolism also has beneficial effects on bodyweight.

If your body has a higher metabolism, it will generally burn calories more quickly in order to generate more energy. Such individuals are generally very energetic, as well as physically fit. The higher ones bodyweight, the slower metabolism becomes. As a result calories are stored, and the body continues to accumulate body fat.

So, by boosting your metabolism, cordyceps is really helping you to burn calories more quickly. Now, you might wonder whether cordyceps is a good weight loss option for you. Eating right and exercising regularly is the best way to lose weight the right way, in a healthy manner.

But, there are times when, in spite of putting forth a genuine effort, the body will not shed any significant amount of weight. Or, the process of losing weight itself takes an extremely long time. In those times, cordyceps may serve as an excellent weight loss accelerator. It can supplement your diet and exercise regimen, and by increasing metabolism, can speed up your weight-loss process.

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