Are Shiitake Mushrooms Psychedelic?

Are Shiitake Mushrooms Psychedelic?

Can Shiitake Mushrooms Be Psychedelic?

No, shiitake mushrooms are not psychedelic and have no psychoactive effects.

Shiitake mushrooms (Lentinus Edodes) are edible mushrooms that originated from the far east and were consumed by ancient China before the widespread planting of rice. It was also a staple in Japanese cooking for centuries. Its name is composed from the Japanese words shii (oak) and take (mushroom), as it grows on dead trunks from those trees. It has been grown for a while even in Europe, but is most readily available dried from organic stores. It may just look like an exotic mushroom species, but in fact shiitake mushrooms are of particular nutritional value, in addition to having great taste and moderate calories because of its amount of protein (296 calories/1238 KJ per 100g dried).

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It is not by accident that it is part of Eastern cooking traditions, which always associated flavor with health properties. During the Ming Dynasty, the mushroom was called an elixir of life. But what are the healing properties of shiitake mushrooms? Although many cultures have attested magical (especially psychotropic and hallucinogenic) powers of mushrooms, Shiitake has been studied for some time at universities around the world, as certain components have been shown effective for treating certain types of cancers (leukemia and breast cancer), for lowering blood cholesterol, for stimulating the immune system, and for fighting viruses. Some of its plant extracts, in addition, are used in cosmetics for making anti-aging creams. Eating 90 grams of these mushrooms every day for one week helps lower cholesterol levels by 12 percent in healthy individuals, and counteracts damage caused by the large consumption of saturated fat.

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