Is Reishi Mushroom Antiviral? You Might Be Surprised

Is Reishi Mushroom Antiviral? You Might Be Surprised

Is Reishi Mushroom Antiviral?

According to studies, reishi mushrooms are considered a natural antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal substances due to the active compounds that they contain. For instance, in addition to relieving allergies, the triterpenes provide protection from microbes, viruses, and fungal infections. Triterpenes are found in many plant foods, which have somewhat bitter flavors, which is an indication they are protective in nature and protect plants against predators.

Because reishi mushrooms improve blood circulation and lower inflammation, they may help clear infections faster, decrease pain, and combat fatigue. Reishi mushrooms have been used to help manage symptoms and the root causes of urinary tract infections, hepatitis, and even HIV/AIDS, among other benefits of reishi mushrooms.

More Information on This Incredible Fungi

Like other diseases-fighting mushrooms, Reishi mushrooms are a species of mushroom that grows outdoors. They are native to different parts of Asia, including China, Korea, and Japan. While edible, often described as having a bitter flavor and hard texture, it is far more common to find them as supplements, tinctures, or powders.

Reishi mushrooms, also known by their scientific name, Ganoderma lucidum, grow above ground and produce “fruit bodies” alongside connecting threads (called mycelium), which are turned into herbalism, tinctures, teas, powders, and extracts. Also known as Lingzhi mushrooms, you might be surprised to know just how long the benefits of Lingzhi mushrooms have been used. For the majority of the traditional Chinese medicine history, full grown lingzhi mushrooms were dried, sliced, cooked in warm water, then brewed into a medicinal tea/soup. Today, manufacturers of reishi products employ a process where the reishi is repeatedly boiled under high pressure, which allows for extracting of active ingredients for making tincture. Because of the concentrated compounds contained within these mushrooms, the potential benefits of reishi mushrooms include protection against cancer growth, improved liver function, better heart health, improved blood sugar control, and reduced risks for asthma, allergies, and infections.

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How the Reishi Mushroom Works

Here’s a list of some of the things reishi has been shown to help with:

  • inflammation fatigue (including chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • frequent infections (urinary tract, bronchitis, respiratory infections, etc.)
  • liver disease
  • food allergies and asthma
  • digestive problems
  • stomach ulcers and leaky gut syndrome
  • tumor growth and cancer
  • skin disorders
  • autoimmune disorders
  • diabetes
  • viruses, including the flu, HIV/AIDS or hepatitis
  • heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • sleep disorders and insomnia
  • anxiety and depression

Because they function as “immune modulators,” reishi mushrooms may help to regain hormonal balance, return the body to homeostasis, and modulate the activities of the immune system. This may help in fighting off tumors and cancerous cells. Studies have shown reishi mushrooms to be a calming substance, which regulates a variety of cell functions and systems, including endocrine (hormonal), immune, cardiovascular, central nervous, and digestive systems.

One of the biggest benefits of reishi is the fact that it is able to do so many things, while producing almost no side effects. Reishi mushrooms are also far less toxic than conventional medications. In fact, most people report an immediate boost to energy levels, mental focus, and mood, as well as experiencing reductions in pain, soreness, allergies, digestive issues, and infections.

What’s the secret to their healing potential? The different active ingredients contained in the Reishi mushrooms explain it. These ingredients include complex sugars known as beta-glucan, plant steroids which function as hormone precursors in the body, polysaccharides which combat the development of cancer cells, and acidic substances called triterpenes which shut down the bodys response to allergies. Recent findings show reishi mushrooms may reduce inflammation and boost the release of natural killer cells, which work to eliminate different types of mutated cells in the body. This makes reishi mushrooms perfect for preventing heart disease, as well as serving as a natural treatment for cancer.

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