How to Prepare Turkey Tail Mushroom

How to Prepare Turkey Tail Mushroom

Some people describe the flavor of the turkey tail mushrooms as slightly bitter, but not really mushroomy, or mild and not impressive, and not as good compared to Reishi or Shiitake. The turkey tail mushroom has a stronger taste than some of the other functional mushrooms, and has a texture that needs to be blended with something else as it does not stand well on its own. Fortunately, there are simple, tasty ways to incorporate turkey tail mushrooms into your diet so while it may not be the tastiest, you can still experience its amazing health benefits.

Using Turkey Tail in Coffee

Adding turkey tail mushroom into the coffee might be okay for someone who likes their coffee pungent or bitter. It is a convenient way to include recommended doses in a routine for supporting the body’s natural immune-supporting functions. However, it won’t dissolve in warm coffee as smoothly as other mushroom powders, such as Lion’s Mane Powder, so having a frother handy is helpful.

Another option is to pick up a pack of Instant Functional Mushroom Coffee, which has a carefully selected mix of functional mushroom species, including turkey tail. This merged option will mitigate the stronger aspects of the taste of turkey tail mushrooms, while providing extra health benefits that are unique to other included mushroom species.

Making Turkey Tail Mushroom Broth

Create broth using turkey tail mushrooms, making for a flavorful soup. Simply add turkey tail mushrooms, or fungus powder, to water with vegetables, herbs, and spices to boost their natural, earthy flavors. Or try the blending mushroom broth blend, which is as simple as mixing a dried turkey tail mushroom powder in warm water for sips on its own or combined with recipes.

Using Turkey Tail as a Secret Ingredient

Just as for edible mushrooms, the sky is the limit once you begin exploring the possibilities of mixing ground turkey tail mushrooms in your cooking recipes. And it is always very simple to just scoop one or two (or four) servings straight into a mix with no thought.

Try adding Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder into curries, stews, and salsas for reaping its health benefits in flavorful fashion. Wraps and burritos are also great options to add turkey tail powder because they are usually already a varied mix of flavors and textures. You can experiment with adding turkey tail either for emphasis or for integration, depending on your preferences.

How to Use Turkey Tail Mushroom

Turkey Tail has a very mild mushroom flavor, which you can simply decoction and drink it alone like tea. We love making our own medicinal mushroom broth in large quantities, which we freeze and use in soups, stews, curries, and risottos.

The fruiting bodies of turkey tail are similar in structure to a tree, with beneficial compounds bound to a hard, cellulose substance. To crack the rigid structures of mushrooms and make the best use of them for medicine, you are better off either making long-lasting decoctions or making tinctures.

Incorporate a whole foods turkey tail mushroom source in your daily routine using certified, organic mushroom supplements, powders, drink mixes, and broths. We feature products made with functional mushrooms that are grown, dehydrated, and carefully curated. Each product, made with one species of turkey tail mushrooms, is tested for quality, and contains 2000mg or more of mushroom powder per serving, a potent amount to support daily health.

Cooking Turkey Tail Mushroom

Chop or smash the fresh or dried mushrooms into smaller pieces (this increases the surface area and gets you more of the healthy compounds from them. Place about one tablespoon into the pot, and cover with two cups water and cover. Bring to a simmer gently for 20-30 minutes. You can go longer, up to an hour, but you might have to refill the water because it will have evaporated.


Chop or smash the fresh or dried mushrooms into tiny pieces and top with the vodka. Label it as to what it is. Leave in cool, dark place for at least 1 month (you can leave longer). Then filter out the finished product and you now have the liquid extract of turkey tail that you can divvy up into tinctures.

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