Does Ergothioneine Help With Hair Loss?

does ergothioneine help with hair loss

Many women and men are struggling with hair loss. While for a while, it might feel like no more than a nuisance, in time, it could be life-changing. Individuals may not have the confidence necessary to wear their hair as they want.

While it is always prudent to find out what is behind the loss, some new studies are showing promise. For instance, using Ergothioneine may be helpful.

Ergothioneine and Hair Loss

If you are struggling with hair loss, improving your diet, decreasing your stress levels, and talking with your doctor about changing hormones should be the first steps. Correcting any of these areas, if these are causing your hair loss, may lay a better foundation to treat and reverse hair loss.

However, many people are finding that Ergothioneine may also be effective in helping restore some of this hair loss. It can work to repair damage from the stress that may be an underlying cause of your hair loss, or making your hair loss worse that it needs to be. Many men and women can expect to see some degree of improvement during their regular hair-growth cycle, which is usually three months. For those unsure of Ergothioneine, it is smart to talk with your health care provider or a hair loss specialist about using these products.

What Is Ergothioneine?

This is an amino acid that is likely to be something that you are less familiar with, but has some meaningful implications for those with thinning hair.

This super-powerful antioxidant has been shown to offer a number of benefits to those experiencing hair loss. It is a naturally occurring antioxidant found in many adaptogenic mushrooms. Ergothioneine may have a tremendous benefit on your hair for a few reasons. First, as an antioxidant, it works naturally in the body to wash out any toxins within your cells. This is something that all antioxidants are capable of doing for you.

Eating a variety of foods that are high in anti-oxidants is crucial for making sure that your body is fighting the toxins that lead to cancer, inflammation, and other complications.

Ergothioneine is not only an antioxidant, but it is also working to give your cells the nutrients that they need. In hair loss, it works by targeting the areas where cells are low on nutrients, a primary cause of hair loss.

Does Ergothioneine Help with Hair Loss?

Yes, ergothioneine may help prevent hair loss by reducing the amount of free radicals in the body that damage cells and increase the rate of hair loss.

Scientists have recently provided evidence showing oxidative stress, free radicals like cytokines, and inflammation contribute to hair loss, cell damage, and premature graying. Ergo is the ultimate anti-oxidant, proven to reduce or prevent oxidative stress and inflammation, and discovery of substantial expression of the Ergo transporter in the germinative cell layer responsible for hair growth is the first of what many hope will be further advances in Ergo-related technologies to combat hair loss and thinning. More specifically, Ergothioneine works by targeting stress.

Stress is a bad thing for your hair, in terms of its health. The more stress you experience, the more stress hormones are present in your body. And, this means your brain and organs are spending more energy and attention dealing with this stress than working correctly. This leads to side effects like losing hair. Needless to say, those who are stressed are at high risk for developing hair loss.

Ergothioneine works by targeting this stress response in the body as well as the free radicals that can come from external stressors in the environment. In doing so, it is capable of mitigating, or relieving, the stress and it’s effects on the body. It does not matter what kind of stress is, environmental stress, or the kind caused by hormone changes in the body. This specific superfood works by getting rid of oxidation and inflammation stress causes on your cells.

Stress causes damage to the cells on that level. As a result, the cells cannot function the way they are supposed to. When cells are under-functioning, particularly in areas of the scalp, they either stop producing hair, or the hair starts falling out quickly.

Research has found using Ergothioneine can help to lessen this damage, and it helps stimulate the cells natural ability to regrow healthy hair. There are a number of products on the market claiming to be effective at improving hair loss, but the products with Ergothioneine are using both science and nature to do so.

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